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Best American Car Mechanic

If anything ever happened to Floyd, we wouldn't know what to do. He has kept one of our American (GM) cars on the road now for more than 10 years. True, we had some expensive automotive ordeals involving a temperamental 1975 Volvo fuel-injected prima donna, but after switching to GM models, it's been pure heaven. He radiates honesty; he always saves the worn-out part to show you what was replaced.

Floyd's Auto Sales
5253 N. Lamar

Best City Service

Most of the services are good, but EMS would have saved our lives if they needed saving, and were here at the office in less than three minutes recently when someone passed out mowing the field behind our building.

Best Masseur

Oooh, ahhh, ohhh ... Jonathan Riley, R.M.T., truly understands the healing nature of the human touch. He provides an atmosphere during his massages that is professional yet relaxed, private and uninterrupted, and he treats his clients with respect and honesty. Those hands of his have a big following among Chronicle readers and they wrote to tell us all about them.

Jonathan Riley
912 E. 38 1/2

Best Place To Find Emotional Rescue

This resource agency is the place to go if you need help with emotional problems (and who doesn't, at some time during our lives in this crazy world we live in?). They arrange referrals for therapy and can help provide services for lower income clients on a sliding scale basis. They perform their referrals with dignity and care, and provide an invaluable community service.

Austin Travis County Mental Health Mental Retardation Center
1430 Collier

Best Public Health Clinic

Gone are the days when their offices were located in the basement of a charming church, but People's new "sterile" home is not indicative of the care they give. This sliding scale clinic has a friendly staff who are informed, helpful, and warm. If you are sick, they usually get you in to see a doctor within a day or two, and they have an in-house lab and pharmacy to make diagnosis and treatment proceed quickly. They also do HIV testing and counseling, and hold a wide variety of informative health classes on such topics as birth control and fertility awareness. To lots of Austinites without health insurance, People's Clinic really makes a difference.

People's Community Clinic
1101 Camino La Costa

Best Reason To Dry Those Favorite Jeans

This laundromat is equipped with state of the art exercise and laundering equipment, so if you can just shed that extra pound while your jeans are in the dryer, they will still fit when they come out! Clean & Lean has a very friendly staff who create a laid back atmosphere where you can be as serious about your workout (or your laundry!) as you want to be. Join for the day, the month, or a full year and bring your own workout music. No neon spandex necessary.

Best Recycling Program

Now a model program for cities around the country, Austinites can leave their newspaper, cans and glass on the curb to be picked up once a week. Started by Ecology Action, this idea was a long time coming, but like other good ideas, it took a while to implement.

Austin Recycles
Solid Waste Services

Best Shampoo

Imagine our delight when we went to Avant for a haircut and emerged with a whole new head (or so it felt). The reason? The shampoos at Avant are miracle cures. They go on for what seems like an eternity (still not long enough) and relax every nerve ending on your scalp and neck. They use therapeutic aromatic oils while you drift off in a world of tropical fruit scents and then are snapped back to the real world with pungent eucalyptus. Patty was one such sorceress, but magical shampoos seem to be de rigueur at Avant. The problem? They actually expect you to get up and walk to the barber's chair when they're done. Oh, and you get a pretty great haircut there, too.

Avant Garde Studio Salon Spa
318 Colorado St.

Best Source Of Alternative Health Care

Lightweavers is a center devoted to personal growth and healing. Aside from offering space for community workshops and seminars, Lightweavers is the home of the Reiki Institute. Reiki is a spiritual healing art which has been found to be an excellent complementary practice alongside Western medicine. Peggy Nagle, Reiki Master, has worked with people in private sessions and trainings from all walks of life. Also at Lightweavers is the Michael Teaching, an insight to personality and development, and the Inner Light Meditation classes which provide students with a variety of meditation techniques which can be tailored to fit their own needs and level of experience.

1015 Bee Cave Woods Dr., Suite #300

Best Way To Get From Point A To Point B

Even if they didn't have the coolest trucks in town they'd get our vote. Fast, cheap, and courteous, this homegrown outfit got its start back in 1988 when Blake Miller was a UT student, hefting furniture for spare cash. His savvy so impressed client Brad Armstrong that Armstrong offered to back him in the business and the rest, as they say, is history. Now the big blue leviathans can be spotted in Houston and the Miller-Armstrong team has plans for Dallas, too, with national expansion a possibility. Will success spoil the Moby movers? Whale see.

Blue Whale Moving & Storage
8291 Springdale #100

Least Expensive Tailor

When Johnny Torres started his own tailor business out of his house 13 years ago, he vowed to keep his prices lower than his competitors. Today, he's about the least expensive tailor in town, charging about $2 to $3 for shortening pants and about $3 to $4 for shortening skirts. In most cases, he offers next-day turnaround and further discount rates for quantity services.

Torres Custom Tailor
5101 Cloverdale

Most Luxurious Haircut

We heard of him through the grapevine and can only thank the lucky stars, because Andy doesn't just wash, cut and blow dry, he counsels, he massages the scalp and applies fascinating, tingling elixirs ... and it doesn't just end after the cut! He tops off the visit by giving the arms and shoulders an invigorating oil rubdown. We have never felt so pampered. And he's affordable!

1505-A W. 6th

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