Best Video Store (specialty)

Vulcan Video

Why is it that every time a new movie comes out, Blockbuster has 50 copies of it, and naturally every single one is checked out. But if you amble over to Vulcan to get something cool and funky instead, the same new release you were looking for is sitting right there on the shelf. Does this happen to everybody? Is this store magic? The motley crew of counter clerks at Vulcan are friendly and wonderful in a way no corporate training program could ever produce. They actually try to get all the crazy cult movies people write on the request pad. And when told that their prices for kids' movies were too high (they were $2.50 compared to 99 cents at the 'Buster), they dropped the price right then and there. Just the pleasure of being in the presence of all those great movies, and people who care about them, is reason enough to stop by Vulcan every day just to browse. With all the movies to see, there's probably still so many one hasn't. What better reason to live?

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