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Best Graveyard

If you're looking for the biggest, most gothic graveyard in town, Oakwood wins by far. With graves dating back to the early 1800s, the yard also features the newest in modern gravestones, though the newer section across the street on the East side is not nearly as interesting. During the day, the graveyard is peaceful and shaded - covered with giants oaks and a variety of ivy and flowering bushes. You can make beautiful cards and posters by doing charcoal or colored pencil rubbings off the more ornate headstones. At night, the graveyard is pretty spooky -- but in a fun way. No one disturbs you there, so if you want to be alone, this is definitely the place to go.

Oakwood Cemetery
1601 Navasota

Best Traffic Light

The general consensus at the Traffic Signal Division of the Austin Public Works Department is that the signal ensemble at Burnet Road and Braker Lane is Austin's best. It seems the high-tech signals there are timed to permit free flow of traffic through a series of intersections and are equipped with left-turn lane sensors so you don't have to wait forever for a green arrow to appear. Ain't technology wonderful?

Worst Intersection

During the day, swarms of students walk, bike, bus, and skateboard across this intersection. With five corners from which students can cross, and a plethora of ways they could jay-walk, drivers need to be extra careful for the 9am class students at 9:05. At night, the situation is different - The Crown & Anchor rests comfortably on the corner, giving the evening driver a multitude of drunk student targets. In the summer, the auto traffic is rarely notable, but during the larger part of the year, cars back up on all five corners waiting for someone else to chance the crossing first. Who needs stoplights?

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