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2018 › Readers › Kids & Family ›

Toy Store
Toy Joy

“I'm an adult and I have to stop myself from going crazy in this toy store.” – Tyrone Johnson

2013 › Critics › Shopping ›

Best New Playful Second Street Addition
Toy Joy

... more than a dozen years on the corner of 29th & Guadalupe, the tiny, twisted Toy Joy has sprouted wingz and landed their Hello Kitty gear and pregnant-lady keychains in the ...

2013 › Critics › Arts & Culture ›

Best Spirit of Schroeder
Michelle Schumann

... of that comic-strip prodigy in Michelle Schumann, and not just because she plays a mean toy piano (as she's shown at her annual Happy Birthday, Mr. Cage concerts). As artistic director ...

2011 › Readers › Kids ›

Best Toys
TIE: Terra Toys; Toy Joy

Terra Toys and Toy Joy have their subtle differences. Terra is more classic and cerebral, where Toy ...

2009 › Readers › Kids ›

Best Toys
TIE: Toy Joy; Terra Toys

... you can take the kids, they'll be spellbound for hours, but sneak over to Terra Toys by yourself to stimulate your own cerebellum or to find a silicone likeness. For those ...

2006 › Readers › Kids ›

Best Toys
Toy Joy

“Yetis and rainbows and nuns, oh my!” Behind its cheerful mural-covered walls, Toy Joy eschews movie merchandising in favor of real toys – gooey eyeballs, clockwork animals, and ...

2005 › Readers › Kids ›

Best Toys
TIE: Toy Joy, Terra Toys

Our readers love both of these Austin-based toytowns! Terra Toys offers an escape from reality. Step into colorful walls lined with Steiff teddy ...

2004 › Readers › Kids ›

Best Toys
Toy Joy

Don't go to Toy Joy unless you have several hours to spare. You don't have to be 9 to ...

2003 › Readers › Kids ›

Best Toy Store
Toy Joy

... inventory (Satan Ducks! Jesus action figures!) and still more new inventory (Necco wafers! Dino slime!). Toy Joy is the perfect mix of bizarre kitsch and genuine sentiment, filled with offerings to ...

2002 › Readers › Kids ›

Best Toy Store
Toy Joy

This fun-loving, and sometimes twisted, toy store is fun-plus for kids and adults alike. With a clutter of old favorites to ...

2001 › Readers › Kids ›

Best Toy Store
Toy Joy

More than a mere toy store, Toy Joy is a wall-to-wall shrine to giant rubber bugs, wind-up Nun-zillas, lava lamps, ...

1999 › Critics › Kids ›

Best Place To Find Santa, The real Santa
Sharps Locksmith

There is no doubt about it. This guy is the real thing: white fluffy beard, joyful, smiling face, big round belly, generous helpful spirit, and a red hat, too, but of ...

1996 › Readers › Shopping ›

Best Toy Store For Grown-ups
Toy Joy

... how much stuff you get for yourself. Forbidden Fruit tempts with a different kind of toy and joy in second place. And Sharper Image takes third.

1996 › Readers › Kids ›

Best Toy Store For Kids
TIE: Terra Toys; Toys R Us

Something very David and Goliath about this. South Austin's beloved Terra Toys takes on the mammoth giraffe and makes a good show! Toy Joy, Over the Rainbow, ...

1992 › Critics › Entertainment ›

Best Place to Have Fun When Trying Not to Smoke or Drink
High Time Tea Bar & Brain Gym

... options. There's good, healthy food, tables full of every kind of board game, puzzle, mind toy, and neural synapse stretcher known to man. We rediscovered the joy of backgammon one night ...

1992 › Critics › Kids ›

Best Toy Store To Go To Without A Child
Toy Joy

Everything at Toy Joy is so touchable! And wondrously accessible to people of all sizes. But you can't ...

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