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Marjorie Baumgarten is a film critic and contributing writer at The Austin Chronicle, where she has worked in many capacities since the paper's founding in 1981. She served as the Chronicle's Film Reviews editor for 25 years.

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Upon leaving Hoffa, you'll find the legendary Teamster boss just as much of an enigma as you did going in... unfortunately, maybe even more so....

Film Review, Dec. 25, 1992


It's been a while since a movie's come to us veiled in such a shroud of secrecy. Very little was known in advance about Toys...

Film Review, Dec. 18, 1992

The Crying Game

The Crying Game is one of the best movies I've seen this year and, consequently, the less said about it here the better. The beauty...

Film Review, Dec. 18, 1992

Laws of Gravity

If you introduce a gun in the first act, it's certain to go off by the third. That's one of the classic rules of playwriting/scriptwriting;...

Film Review, Dec. 11, 1992

Solar Crisis

Solar Crisis consists of about a dozen subplots in search of a narrative thread. And if these plots can't find any unifying principle, they'll settle...

Film Review, Dec. 4, 1992


The folks at Disney see a new dawn on the horizon. It's the rebirth of the animated feature with a wealth of product from not...

Film Review, Nov. 27, 1992


If Dirty Harry were a real person who lived and breathed and went to the movies, Rampage might be his cup of poison. Yet odds...

Film Review, Nov. 27, 1992


Marvin Landisman (Wuhl) was once a “promising,” young writer/director. Now, he's a fortyish, L.A. hack who directs instructional cooking videos for a living. His wife...

Film Review, Nov. 20, 1992


This New Orleans concoction of political and personal intrigue turns the burners up to a steady simmer but never really cranks the jets up to...

Film Review, Nov. 13, 1992

Afraid of the Dark

If Sigmund Freud had directed horror movies they might have looked something like Afraid of the Dark. This British movie uses common childhood fears and...

Film Review, Nov. 13, 1992

Deep Blues

Deep Blues is a project that puts the word “document” back in the term documentary. It plunges deep into the Mississippi Delta, down Highway 61,...

Film Review, Nov. 6, 1992

A Brief History of Time

Given what we knew in advance about this acclaimed documentary, its subject Stephen Hawking and its filmmaker Errol Morris, the expectations coming in were nothing...

Film Review, Oct. 30, 1992

Night and the City

Harry Fabian (De Niro) is a New York City character -- part fool, part hustler. He's an ambulance-chasing shyster with a weasly legal practice that...

Film Review, Oct. 23, 1992

Light Sleeper

In the world of Paul Schrader films, if Taxi Driver was Part 1 and American Gigolo Part 2, then Light Sleeper is certainly Part 3....

Film Review, Oct. 23, 1992

The Panama Deception

Politically and philosophically, not much has changed since the time of the building of the Panama Canal and Theodore Roosevelt who, when asked by an...

Film Review, Oct. 9, 1992

The Mighty Ducks

Q: Why a duck? ¶ A: Because the Bad News Bears was already taken. ¶ In The Mighty Ducks Gordon Bombay (Estevez) is the type...

Film Review, Oct. 2, 1992


A musical about apartheid!? Does this really sound like a successful premise? Still, I wanted this movie to be good, to be something that spread...

Film Review, Oct. 2, 1992

Mr. Saturday Night

The character of Buddy Young, Jr. has been percolating through Billy Crystal's act for a number of years now. This fictional comic, a master of...

Film Review, Sep. 25, 1992

Bob Roberts

This Tim Robbins-helmed political satire about demogougery makes for an appropriate election-season re-release. “The character of Bob Roberts (Robbins) is a folksinger/self-made millionaire/senatorial candidate. He...

Film Review, Sep. 18, 1992

Out On a Limb

Out on a Limb... oh boy, is it ever. French master farceur Veber takes his second shot at Hollywood directing (Three Fugitives was his first)...

Film Review, Sep. 11, 1992

The Good Woman of Bangkok

If there's anyone Aoi (Chonchanakun) hates more than herself, it's men as a whole. Aoi is a Thai prostitute, her nickname means “sugar cane” or...

Film Review, Sep. 4, 1992

Bebe's Kids

Bebe's Kids are the spawn of comedian Robin Harris' fertile imagination. They're miscreant little monsters who are always misbehaving or mouthing off. They're the trouble...

Film Review, Aug. 28, 1992

Rapid Fire

Oh my, but is there ever a mess of broken glass in this movie. A more apt title would be Rapid Shatter. Yet, as long...

Film Review, Aug. 28, 1992

Enchanted April

Lottie and Rose muster the courage to rent a castle, make the break from their husbands and dear old London and travel to exotic Italy...

Film Review, Aug. 21, 1992

Single White Female

Allie (Fonda) discovers her fiance-roommate (Weber) has been cheating on her -- with his ex-wife, no less. Building a self-operated business as a designer of...

Film Review, Aug. 21, 1992


Considering the talents involved in this project it's hard to imagine that it would turn out to have anything less than competent workmanship, but never...

Film Review, Aug. 14, 1992

The Hours and Times

Imagine... In April of 1963, a few months before full-scale Beatlemania seized the world, John Lennon and Beatles manager Brian Epstein went together to Barcelona...

Film Review, Aug. 7, 1992

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Before the TV series, there was the movie in which a Nineties Valley Girl discovers her true calling.

Film Review, Aug. 7, 1992

Howards End

Finally, it's arrived-- the E.M. Forster screen adaptation for which we've been waiting -- Howards End, the best of the bunch. And in 70mm, too....

Film Review, Jul. 31, 1992

A Stranger Among Us

Say kaddish for this one, gang. Melanie Griffith proves that what they say about heredity is true. She's inherited all the acting talents of her...

Film Review, Jul. 24, 1992

Claire of the Moon

Lesbian love story Claire of the Moon wants to become the “Desert Hearts of the Nineties.” Its appearance in Austin is its theatrical debut outside...

Film Review, Jul. 24, 1992

Cool World

Telling you that I liked Ralph Bakshi's Cool World a whole lot more than I expected to isn't really saying a whole lot for the...

Film Review, Jul. 17, 1992


“Wanted: a new identity -- one that's suave and debonair, well-mannered yet macho, sex-driven but respectful toward women. Something on the order of Billy Dee...

Film Review, Jul. 3, 1992

Poison Ivy

There's a great deal of sickness here. But there's also an abundance of intelligent, absorbing, well-presented and well-performed material so that the dramatic aspects are...

Film Review, Jun. 26, 1992

All the Vermeers in New York

This newest work from steadfast American independent filmmaker, Jon Jost, almost breaks out of his arthouse ghetto and into markedly familiar movie strategies like narrative...

Film Review, Jun. 19, 1992


David Letterman thinks he deserves a piece of the royalty action from this movie. It's not hard to understand why. Think about the premise: an...

Film Review, Jun. 12, 1992

Monster in a Box

By now, we know the drill. One lone man, on a stage, behind a table, with open notebook, spare set and sparse music by Laurie...

Film Review, Jun. 12, 1992

Raise the Red Lantern

Zhang's film is a biting examination of sexual politics, mandarin-style. Also stunningly gorgeous to look at, this melodrama transcends all borders and eras to speak to the ages.

Film Review, Jun. 5, 1992

Lunatics: A Love Story

Crazy love: Raimi style. Hank (played by Theodore Raimi, brother of legendary Sam Raimi -- director of the Evil Dead movies and Darkman and who...

Film Review, May. 29, 1992


Crisscross. No, it's not a bio-pic about the life story of that undistinguished footnote to Austin music history. (Anyway, that would be a film short,...

Film Review, May. 29, 1992

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