Austin Music Awards


Band of the Year
The Bright Light Social Hour

The Bright Light Social Hour takes home the last award of the 2010-11 Austin Music Awards – Band of the Year (photo by Jana Birchum)

2. Roky Erickson with Okkervil River
3. Quiet Company
4. Bob Schneider & Lonelyland
5. Los Texas Wranglers
6. Speak
7. Los Lonely Boys
8. One-Eyed Doll
9. Grupo Fantasma
10. Reckless Kelly

Best New Band
Fresh Millions

Fresh Millions (photo by Todd V. Wolfson)

2. Little Lo
3. The Long Tangles
4. 7 Walkers
5. Saints of Valory
6. Soul Track Mind
7. Candi & the Strangers
8. Lady & the Amp
9. Suite 709
10. Cari Hutson & Good Company

Musician of the Year
Roky Erickson

Roky Erickson (photo by Todd V. Wolfson)

2. Bob Schneider
3. Julian Fernandez (Los Texas Wranglers)
4. Sahara Smith
5. Will Sheff (Okkervil River)
6. Jack O'Brien (the Bright Light Social Hour)
7. Taylor Muse (Quiet Company)
8. Carolyn Wonderland
9. Kimberly Freeman (One-Eyed Doll)
10. Alejandro Escovedo

Album of the Year
The Bright Light Social Hour, The Bright Light Social Hour

2. True Love Cast Out All Evil (Anti-), Roky Erickson with Okkervil River
3. Myth of the Heart (Playing in Traffic), Sahara Smith
4. Songs for Staying In, Quiet Company
5. El Existential (Nat Geo Music), Grupo Fantasma
6. Texas Treasures (Deep South), Los Texas Wranglers
7. Break, One-Eyed Doll
8. Hexadecagon (Peek-A-Boo), the Octopus Project
9. Up Close (EMI/Vortexan), Eric Johnson
10. Street Songs of Love (Fantasy/Concord), Alejandro Escovedo
11. Phosphene Dream (Blue Horizon), Black Angels
12. Let the Light In (Root House), Amy Cook
13. Plays Blues, Ballads & Favorites (Shout! Factory), Jimmie Vaughan
14. The Bright Lights, Saints of Valory
15. The Laziest Girl in Town, Elizabeth McQueen
16. Codename: Rondo (Trashy Moped), Ghostland Observatory
17. ¡Està Bueno! (Bismeaux), Texas Tornados
18. Green Diamond, Eric Tessmer
19. Downtown Church (Credential), Patty Griffin
20. New Morning (Hollywood), Alpha Rev

Song of the Year
"Detroit," by the Bright Light Social Hour

2. "How Do You Do It" by Taylor Muse for Quiet Company
3. "The Real Thing," by Sahara Smith
4. "Carrie," by Speak
5. "Who's to Blame, Senorita?" by Shawn Sahm/Doug Sahm for Texas Tornados
6. "Could've Been a Country Star," by Julian Fernandez for Los Texas Wranglers
7. "Back and Forth," by the Bright Light Social Hour
8. "Austin," by Eric Johnson
9. "Telephone," by the Black Angels
10. "Beautiful Freak," by Kimberly Freeman for One-Eyed Doll
11. "Anchor," by Alejandro Escovedo/Chuck Prophet for Alejandro Escovedo
12. "Providence," by Saints of Valory
13. "Green Diamond," by Eric Tessmer
14. "Faint Green Light," by Mother Falcon
15. "Lucky," by Kat Edmondson
16. "New Morning," by Alpha Rev
17. "If I Had My Way," traditional, arranged by Patty Griffin
18. "We Pourin' Up," by Lady & the Amp
19. "Summer of Love," by Josh Zee/Teal Collins for the Mother Truckers
20. "You're To Blame," by Elizabeth McQueen

Best Blues/Soul/Funk
Los Lonely Boys

Los Lonely Boys (photo by Todd V. Wolfson)

2. Carolyn Wonderland
3. Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears
4. Soul Track Mind
5. Eric Tessmer
6. Pinetop Perkins
7. The Scabs
8. Jimmie Vaughan
9. T Bird & the Breaks
10. Peterson Brothers Band

Best Country/Bluegrass
Los Texas Wranglers

2. Sahara Smith
3. Heybale!
4. Asleep at the Wheel
5. Texas Bluegrass Massacre
6. Reckless Kelly
7. Dale Watson
8. Willie Nelson
9. Ruby Jane
10. Tony Harrison & Hot Texas

Best Cover Band
The Eggmen

2. Cover Girl
3. Mysterious Ways
4. The Frank Gomez Band
5. Skyrocket
6. Guilty Pleasures
7. Magnifico
8. Think Lizzy
9. Hell's Belles
10. Paradise Titty

Best Experimental
The Octopus Project

2. Ghostland Observatory
3. One-Eyed Doll
4. More Cowbell
5. John Pointer
6. Opposite Day
7. The Weird Weeds
8. Sheer Khan & the Space Case
9. Zorch
10. The Floating Opera Orchestra

Best Folk
Sahara Smith

Sahara Smith (photo by Jana Birchum)

2. Matt the Electrician
3. BettySoo
4. Cowboy & Indian
5. Marmalakes
6. Jennifer Ellen Cook
7. James McMurtry
8. Sarah Jarosz
9. Bob Livingston
10. John Dunn

Best Hip-Hop/DJ

Phranchyze (photo by Todd V. Wolfson)

2. Trampia
3. MC Overlord
4. Zeale
5. Lady & the Amp
6. Andrew Parsons
7. Texas Battle League
8. Scorpio Rising
9. DJ Chicken George
10. Drastik

Best Indie

Speak (photo by Todd V. Wolfson)

2. Okkervil River
3. The Bright Light Social Hour
4. Quiet Company
5. Mother Falcon
6. One-Eyed Doll
7. Los A-T Boyz
8. Saints of Valory
9. The Shears
10. Marmalakes

Best Industrial/Goth
One-Eyed Doll

One-Eyed Doll (photo by Todd V. Wolfson)

2. Lucid Dementia
3. Scorpio Rising
4. Exit
5. Missions
6. Art Versus Industry
7. Subnatural
8. Skatenigs
9. Babydick
10. Hipnautica

Best Instrumental
Eric Johnson

2. Balmorhea
3. Ugly Elephant
4. Los Texas Wranglers
5. 16 Strings
6. Descendants of Erdrick
7. A Is Red
8. 3 Balls of Fire
9. McLemore Avenue
10. Explosions in the Sky

Best Jazz
Jeff Lofton

Jeff Lofton (photo by Jana Birchum)

2. The Jitterbug Vipers
3. Elias Haslanger
4. Kat Edmonson
5. Elizabeth McQueen
6. White Ghost Shivers
7. Ephraim Owens
8. David Box Quartet
9. A Is Red
10. Tony Harrison & Hot Texas

Best Latin Rock
Los Lonely Boys

2. Vitera
3. Grupo Fantasma
4. Vallejo
5. Texas Tornados
6. Patricia Vonne
7. La Guerrilla
8. Maneja Beto
9. Boca Abajo
10. Hector Ward & the Big Time

Best Latin Traditional
Tortilla Factory

Tortilla Factory’s Alfredo Guerrero Jr. (photo by Jana Birchum)

2. Los Texas Wranglers
3. El Tule
4. Grupo Fantasma
5. Brownout
6. Del Castillo
7. Austin Samba School
8. Cienfuegos
9. Joel Guzman & Sarah Fox
10. Trio Los Vigilantes

Best Metal
The Sword

2. One-Eyed Doll
3. Powderburn
4. Dead Earth Politics
5. Hell's Black Intelligencer
6. Snake Skin Prison
7. Critical Assembly
8. Broken Teeth
9. Baron Grod
10. Lucid Dementia

Best None of the Above
Mother Falcon

2. Conjunto Los T-Birds
3. Girl Guitar
4. White Ghost Shivers
5. Charles Thibodeaux & the Austin Cajun Aces
6. John Pointer
7. Trio Del Rio
8. The Tiny Tin Hearts
9. Mistress Stephanie & Her Melodic Cat
10. More Cowbell

Best Punk
One-Eyed Doll

2. Squint
3. The Midgetmen
4. Krum Bums
5. Adrian & the Sickness
6. Riverboat Gamblers
7. Opposite Day
8. Neon Cobra
9. The Stampede
10. Critical Assembly

Best Rock
Los Lonely Boys

2. The Bright Light Social Hour
3. Quiet Company
4. Okkervil River
5. One-Eyed Doll
6. Spoon
7. Saints of Valory
8. Vitera
9. The Mother Truckers
10. The Black Angels

Best Roots Rock
Roky Erickson

Roky Erickson (photo by Jana Birchum)

2. Reckless Kelly
3. 7 Walkers
4. Deadman
5. Carolyn Wonderland
6. Sahara Smith
7. Band of Heathens
8. The Mother Truckers
9. The Gourds
10. Stonehoney

Best U-18

Schmillion (photo by Todd V. Wolfson)

2. South of Center
3. Rockstella
4. Residual Kid
5. AfterMath
6. Hell's Black Intelligencer
7. 24-7
8. Carson Brock Band
9. Peterson Brothers Band
10. Electric Society

Best World Music

Firoozi of Atash (photo by Todd V. Wolfson)

2. The Nash Hernandez Orchestra
3. Austin Piazzolla Quintet
4. El Tule
5. Rattletree Marimba
6. The Tea Merchants
7. Charles Thibodeaux & the Austin Cajun Aces
8. Sangreet Millennium Ensemble
9. Hard Proof
10. Ustad Ghulam Farid Nizami

Best Acoustic Guitar
Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson (photo by Todd V. Wolfson)

2. Monte Montgomery
3. Kimberly Freeman (One-Eyed Doll)
4. Junior Sandoval (Los Texas Wranglers)
5. Matt the Electrician
6. Slim Richey (the Jitterbug Vipers)
7. John Pointer
8. Van Wilks
9. Elizabeth McQueen
10. Scrappy Jud Newcomb

Best Bass Guitar
Jack O'Brien (the Bright Light Social Hour)

The Bright Light Social Hour's Jack O'Brien (photo by Jana Birchum)

2. Jojo Garza (Los Lonely Boys)
3. Harmoni Kelley (Lonelyland)
4. Chris Maresh (Eric Johnson)
5. Matt Parmenter (Quiet Company)
6. Danny Gomez (the Frank Gomez Band)
7. Gavin Jasper (Saints of Valory)
8. Francie Meaux Jeaux (the Jitterbug Vipers)
9. Aaron Davis (Vitera)
10. Ronn Roberts (the Eggmen)

Best Drums/Percussion
Julian Fernandez (Los Texas Wranglers)

2. Jo Mirasole (the Bright Light Social Hour)
3. Jason Rufuss Sewell (One-Eyed Doll)
4. Ringo Garza (Los Lonely Boys)
5. Gerard Bouvier (Saints of Valory)
6. Conrad Choucroun (Lonelyland)
7. Don Harvey (A Is Red)
8. Jay Nazz (Reckless Kelly)
9. Jeff Weathers (Quiet Company)
10. Brannen Temple

Best Electric Guitar
Eric Johnson

2. Curtis Roush (the Bright Light Social Hour)
3. Billy Cassis (Lonelyland)
4. Henry Garza (Los Lonely Boys)
5. Eric Tessmer
6. Jimmie Vaughan
7. Carolyn Wonderland
8. Godfrey Thompson (Saints of Valory)
9. Redd Volkaert
10. Kimberly Freeman (One-Eyed Doll)

Best Female Vocals
Sahara Smith

2. Carolyn Wonderland
3. Kat Edmonson
4. Amy Cook
5. Suzanna Choffel
6. Elizabeth McQueen
7. Sarah Sharp (the Jitterbug Vipers)
8. Patty Griffin
9. Ruby Jane
10. Teal Collins (the Mother Truckers)

Best Keyboards
A.J. Vincent (the Bright Light Social Hour)

2. Oliver Steck (Lonelyland)
3. Matt Hubbard
4. Floyd Domino
5. Stephen Buckle (Saints of Valory)
6. Ian McLagan
7. Thomas Turner (Ghostland Observatory)
8. Earl Poole Ball
9. Pinetop Perkins
10. Taylor Muse (Quiet Company)

Best Male Vocals
Bob Schneider

Bob Schneider (photo by Jana Birchum)

2. Malford Milligan
3. Raul Malo
4. Curtis Roush (the Bright Light Social Hour)
5. Troupe Gammage (Speak)
6. Amador Salazar (Los Texas Wranglers)
7. Black Joe Lewis
8. Dale Watson
9. Aaron Behrens (Ghostland Observatory)
10. Donovan Keith (Soul Track Mind)

Best Miscellaneous Instrument
Sonny Trujillo, accordion (Los Texas Wranglers)

2. Elias Haslanger, saxophone
3. Oliver Steck, accordion (Lonelyland)
4. John Pointer, boombox
5. Jeff Lofton, trumpet
6. Haydn Vitera, violin (Vitera)
7. Ruby Jane, fiddle
8. Charles Thibodeaux, accordion
9. Tamir Kalifa, accordion (Mother Falcon)
10. Warren Hood, violin

Best Songwriter
Sahara Smith

Sahara Smith (photo by Jana Birchum)

2. Bob Schneider
3. The Bright Light Social Hour
4. Quiet Company
5. Julian Fernandez (Los Texas Wranglers)
6. Eric Johnson
7. Roky Erickson
8. Kimberly Freeman (One-Eyed Doll)
9. Matt the Electrician
10. Alejandro Escovedo

Best Acoustic Venue
Cactus Cafe

2. Saxon Pub
3. Austin-Bergstrom International Airport
4. Flipnotics
5. Momo's
6. Threadgill's
7. Jax Neighborhood Cafe
8. Zach Theatre
9. Stubb's
10. Ruta Maya

Best All-Ages Venue

2. Antone's
3. Stubb's
4. Mohawk
5. The Parish
6. Red 7
7. Jovita's
8. Central Market
9. Ruta Maya
10. Red Eyed Fly

Best Live Music Venue

2. Antone's
3. Saxon Pub
4. Stubb's
5. Ray Benson's Roadhouse
6. The Continental Club
7. The Parish
8. Emo's
9. Momo's
10. Broken Spoke

Best Local Label
Playing In Traffic Records

Playing in Traffic Records (photo by Jana Birchum)

2. Deep South Productions
3. Steady Boy Records
4. Bismeaux Records
5. Beats Broke
6. Chicken Ranch Records
7. Vallejo Music Group
8. Dialtone Records
9. Western Vinyl
10. Trampia

Best New Club
Jax Neighborhood Cafe CLOSED

2. Texas Mist
3. Barbarella
4. East Side Drive-In
5. Swan Dive
6. The HighBall
7. ND at 501 Studios
8. Cheer Up Charlie's
9. Lipstick24
10. Hangar Lounge

Best Radio Music Program
Twine Time, Paul Ray, KUT 90.5FM

Paul Ray (photo by Jana Birchum)

2. The Dudley & Bob Morning Show, Dale Dudley & Bob Fonseca, KLBJ 93.7FM
3. Eklektikos, John Aeilli, KUT 90.5FM
4. The Morning X, Jason Alvarez & Deb O'Keefe, KROX 101.5FM (101X)
5. The Halftime Show, Charlie Hodge, KLBJ 93.7FM
6. Folkways, Kevin Connor, KUT 90.5FM
7. Lone Star State of Mind, Roger Allen, KGSR 93.3FM
8. Local Licks, Loris Lowe, KLBJ 93.7FM
9. No Control, Chuck Loesch, KROX 101.5FM (101X)
10. The Roadhouse, Chris Mosser, KVET 98.1FM

Best Radio Personality
Dale Dudley, KLBJ 93.7FM

2. Paul Ray, KUT 90.5FM
3. John Aielli, KUT 90.5FM
4. Jason Dick, KROX 101.5FM (101X)
5. Loris Lowe, KLBJ 93.7FM
6. Kevin Connor, KUT 90.5FM
7. Charlie Hodge, KLBJ 93.7FM
8. Bryan Beck, KGSR 93.3FM
9. Andy Langer, KGSR 93.3FM
10. Roger Allen, KGSR 93.3FM

Best Radio Station
KUT 90.5FM

2. KLBJ 93.7FM
3. KGSR 93.3FM
4. KTXZ 95.1FM
5. KROX 101.5FM (101X)
6. KOOP 91.7FM
7. KVRX 91.7FM
8. KMFA 89.5FM
9. KAMX 94.7FM (MIX)
10. KAZI 88.7FM

Best Record Producer
Danny Reisch for The Bright Light Social Hour, The Bright Light Social Hour

Danny Reisch (photo by Jana Birchum)

2. Emile Kelman for Myth of the Heart, Sahara Smith
3. Will Sheff for True Love Cast Out All Evil, Roky Erickson with Okkervil River
4. Matt Parmenter for Songs for Staying In, Quiet Company
5. Ryan Radar for Texas Treasures, Los Texas Wranglers
6. Dwight Baker for The Bright Lights, Saints of Valory
7. Jason Rufuss Sewell for Break, One-Eyed Doll
8. Chris "Frenchie" Smith for Speak
9. Gurf Morlix
10. Erik Wofford

Best Record Store
Waterloo Records

2. Turntable Records
3. End of an Ear
4. Antone's Record Shop
5. Cheapo Discs
6. Encore
7. Music Mania
8. Breakaway Records
9. Trailer Space Records
10. Backspin Records

... And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead

Bubble Puppy

MC Overlord

MC Overlord (photo by Jana Birchum)

Okkervil River

Will Sheff accepting for Okkervil River (photo by Todd V. Wolfson)

The Wagoneers

The Wagoneers (photo by Todd V. Wolfson)

Tortilla Factory

Tortilla Factory's Tony Guerrero Jr. (photo by Jana Birchum)

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