Austin Music Awards

Best Texas Recordings

Austin Album of the Year
Lovers & Leavers, Hayes Carll

2. Unified, Vallejo
3. Time Owes You Nothing, Calliope Musicals
4. Sunset Motel, Reckless Kelly
5. And Yet We’re Captivated, Chill Russell
6. Soul Slide, Jeff Plankenhorn
7. 1,000 Miles, Mandy Rowden
8. Peligro de Extinción, Sefo
9. Musaic, Henry + the Invisibles
10. EJ, Eric Johnson

Austin Song of the Year
"Sake of the Song," Hayes Carll

2. "Twenties," Jane Ellen Bryant
3. "Just Fine," Vallejo
4. "Goat," Noah North
5. "Talk!" Chill Russell
6. "Let Me In," Mandy Rowden
7. "Trouble Find Me," Jeff Plankenhorn
8. "Ready for War," Love & Chaos
9. "Speedracer," Capyac
10. "Start Over," MCG

Album of the Year
King Kong Vol. 1, Bob Schneider

2. These Bad Habits, Mandy Rowden
3. Transgressor, Quiet Company
4. Viva Bandolera, Patricia Vonne
5. Space Is Still the Place, Bright Light Social Hour
6. Sweet Dreaming, Daniel Eyes & the Vibes
7. Love & Chaos, Love & Chaos
8. Cuatro, El Tule
9. 21st Century Blues, Van Wilks
10. Okra Candy, Shinyribs

Song of the Year
"The Stars Over Your House," Bob Schneider

2. "Viva Bandolera," Patricia Vonne
3. "Understand the Problem," Quiet Company
4. "Ready for War," Love & Chaos
5. "Dessert Cocaine," Daniel Eyes & the Vibes
6. "Get the Evil Out," Sam Pace & the Gilded Grit
7. "Yours and Mine," Dawn & Hawkes
8. "Salt," Taylor & the Wild Now
9. "My Own Way," Annie & Kate
10. "Booty Sweat," Riders Against the Storm

Album of the Year
up.rooted, Gina Chavez

2. And the War Came, Shakey Graves
3. United States, Ian McLagan & the Bump Band
4. They Want My Soul, Spoon
5. The Nocturne Diaries, Eliza Gilkyson
6. Brownout Presents Brown Sabbath
7. Live at the Gallery, Church on Monday
8. Live, Gary Clark Jr.
9. Whisper of the Moon, Erin Ivey & Tosca String Quartet
10. Good as Gold, the Nightowls

Song of the Year
"Siete D," Gina Chavez

photo by Todd V. Wolfson

2. "Dearly Departed," Shakey Graves
3. "Love Letter," Ian McLagan & the Bump Band
4. "Inside Out," Spoon
5. "Soul Thing," Hard Proof Afrobeat
6. "Dark Mile," Patricia Vonne
7. "Canvas of Me," Migrant Kids
8. "Ice Cream Samurai," Sam Pace & the Gilded Grit
9. "Brand New Day," Ruthie Foster
10. "Austin, Texas," Super Smash Bros.

Album of the Year
Burden of Proof, Bob Schneider

2. Gold Boots Glitter, Wheeler Brothers
3. The Runaround, Wild Child
4. Phoebe's Dream, Jitterbug Vipers
5. Build Me Up From Bones, Sarah Jarosz
6. Nectar, Wendy Colonna
7. Sail It Away, Jonny Gray
8. In Technicolor, Emily Bell
9. 2, Churchwood
10. Gulf Coast Museum, Shinyribs

Song of the Year
"Silly Girl," Jonny Gray

photo by Sandy Carson

2. "Crazy Bird," Wild Child
3. "Unpromised Land," Bob Schneider
4. "Build Me Up From Bones," Sarah Jarosz
5. "White Lies," Max Frost
6. "Stuff It," Jitterbug Vipers
7. "My Time," Wheeler Brothers
8. "Roots and Vine," Sons of Fathers
9. "I Have a Devil in Me," Churchwood
10. "Back to the Way I Was," Emily Bell

Album of the Year
Blak and Blu (Warner Bros.), Gary Clark Jr.

2. Let It Burn (Blue Corn), Ruthie Foster
3. High, Wide and Handsome, the Trishas
4. Big Station (Fantasy), Alejandro Escovedo
5. Working Girl's Guitar (Bloodshot), Rosie Flores
6. Oozy (Nat Geo Music), Brownout
7. Church on Monday (Cherrywood Records), Elias Haslanger
8. Leelanau (Antenna Farm Records), Dana Falconberry
9. Say Yes, Akina Adderley & the Vintage Playboys
10. Night & Day, Suite 709

Song of the Year
"Ain't Messin 'Round," by Gary Clark Jr.

2. "Travis County," by Gary Clark Jr.
3. "All I Can Do," by Teal Collins & Barbara Nesbitt for the Whiskey Sisters
4. "Mother of Invention," by Jamie Wilson & Natalie Hemby for the Trishas
5. "Pocket Full of Misery," by Hal Vorpahl for Uncle Lucius
6. "South of the River," by Ray Wylie Hubbard
7. "Honeypot," by Bob Schneider
8. "Life Won't Let You Down," by Jirod Greene, David Butler, Dietrich Schmidt, Drew Walters, & Zach Boston for Suite 709
9. "Right for You," by Tje Austin
10. "Omnipotent," by Morgan Sorne

Album of the Year
We Are All Where We Belong, Quiet Company

2. I Believe in Everything, Speak
3. Portraits, Wheeler Brothers
4. Peace Meal, Carolyn Wonderland
5. Scandalous, Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears
6. Follow Me Down, Sarah Jarosz
7. The Bright Lights EP, Gary Clark Jr.
8. Steady Eye Shaky Bow, Suzanna Choffel
9. D, White Denim
10. Roses at the End of Time, Eliza Gilkyson
11. KMAG YOYO, Hayes Carll
12. Old Mad Joy, the Gourds
13. Plays More Blues, Ballads & Favorites, Jimmie Vaughan
14. Rockpango, Los Lonely Boys
15. A Perfect Day, Bob Schneider
16. Alhambra, Mother Falcon
17. Up Close, Eric Johnson
18. Accidental Thief, Matt the Electrician
19. Dark River, various artists
20. Holiday HAAM Jam, Vol. 1, various artists

Song of the Year
"You, Me & the Boatman," Quiet Company

2. "Carrie," Speak
3. "What Good Can Drinkin' Do," Carolyn Wonderland
4. "Portraits," Wheeler Brothers
5. "Bright Lights," Gary Clark Jr.
6. "Run Away," Sarah Jarosz
7. "Drug," White Denim
8. "Raincloud," Suzanna Choffel
9. "KMAG YOYO," Hayes Carll
10. "She's so Scandalous," Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears

Album of the Year
The Bright Light Social Hour, The Bright Light Social Hour

2. True Love Cast Out All Evil (Anti-), Roky Erickson with Okkervil River
3. Myth of the Heart (Playing in Traffic), Sahara Smith
4. Songs for Staying In, Quiet Company
5. El Existential (Nat Geo Music), Grupo Fantasma
6. Texas Treasures (Deep South), Los Texas Wranglers
7. Break, One-Eyed Doll
8. Hexadecagon (Peek-A-Boo), the Octopus Project
9. Up Close (EMI/Vortexan), Eric Johnson
10. Street Songs of Love (Fantasy/Concord), Alejandro Escovedo
11. Phosphene Dream (Blue Horizon), Black Angels
12. Let the Light In (Root House), Amy Cook
13. Plays Blues, Ballads & Favorites (Shout! Factory), Jimmie Vaughan
14. The Bright Lights, Saints of Valory
15. The Laziest Girl in Town, Elizabeth McQueen
16. Codename: Rondo (Trashy Moped), Ghostland Observatory
17. ¡Està Bueno! (Bismeaux), Texas Tornados
18. Green Diamond, Eric Tessmer
19. Downtown Church (Credential), Patty Griffin
20. New Morning (Hollywood), Alpha Rev

Song of the Year
"Detroit," by the Bright Light Social Hour

2. "How Do You Do It" by Taylor Muse for Quiet Company
3. "The Real Thing," by Sahara Smith
4. "Carrie," by Speak
5. "Who's to Blame, Senorita?" by Shawn Sahm/Doug Sahm for Texas Tornados
6. "Could've Been a Country Star," by Julian Fernandez for Los Texas Wranglers
7. "Back and Forth," by the Bright Light Social Hour
8. "Austin," by Eric Johnson
9. "Telephone," by the Black Angels
10. "Beautiful Freak," by Kimberly Freeman for One-Eyed Doll
11. "Anchor," by Alejandro Escovedo/Chuck Prophet for Alejandro Escovedo
12. "Providence," by Saints of Valory
13. "Green Diamond," by Eric Tessmer
14. "Faint Green Light," by Mother Falcon
15. "Lucky," by Kat Edmondson
16. "New Morning," by Alpha Rev
17. "If I Had My Way," traditional, arranged by Patty Griffin
18. "We Pourin' Up," by Lady & the Amp
19. "Summer of Love," by Josh Zee/Teal Collins for the Mother Truckers
20. "You're To Blame," by Elizabeth McQueen

Album of the Year
Lovely Creatures, Bob Schneider (Kirtland)

2. Song up in Her Head, Sarah Jarosz (Sugar Hill)
3. Willie and the Wheel, Willie Nelson and Asleep at the Wheel (Bismeaux)
4. Tell 'Em What Your Name Is!, Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears (Lost Highway)
5. No Boundaries, Los Texas Wranglers
6. Animal Boy, Matt the Electrician
7. Heat Sin Water Skin, BettySoo
8. Fits, White Denim (Downtown)
9. Time to Stand, The Belleville Outfit (Thirty Tigers)
10. Golden Beds, The Octopus Project (Peek-a-Boo)

Song of the Year
"40 Dogs (Like Romeo and Juliet)" Bob Schneider, Lovely Creatures

2. "Hesitation Blues" Willie Nelson and Asleep at the Wheel, Willie and the Wheel
3. "Song up in Her Head" Sarah Jarosz, Song up in Her Head
4. "Sugarfoot" Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears, Tell 'Em What Your Name Is!
5. "La Troquera" Los Texas Wranglers, No Boundaries
6. "Summer Wine" Shelley King, Welcome Home
7. "Wet Gold" The Octopus Project, Golden Beds
8. "Never Knew No Love" BettySoo, Heat Sin Water Skin
9. "Time to Stand" The Belleville Outfit, Time to Stand
10. "Tex-Mex Mile" The Gourds, Haymaker!

Album of the Year
Real Animal, Alejandro Escovedo

2. The Black & White Years
3. Sonidos Gold, Grupo Fantasma
4. Miss Understood, Carolyn Wonderland
5. Just Us Kids, James McMurtry
6. Live at Eddie's Attic, Porterdavis
7. Monte Montgomery
8. Calico Girl, Guy Forsyth
9. The Band of Heathens
10. Bulletproof, Reckless Kelly

Song of the Year
"Power to Change," the Black & White Years

2. "40 Dogs (Like Romeo and Juliet)," Bob Schneider
3. "Sister Lost Soul," Alejandro Escovedo
4. "Ragged as the Road," Reckless Kelly
5. "Always a Friend," Alejandro Escovedo
6. "Miss Understood," Carolyn Wonderland
7. "Just Us Kids," James McMurtry
8. "Gimme Some," Grupo Fantasma
9. "Moonlight Tango," Monte Montgomery
10. "She Left Me for Jesus," Hayes Carll

Album of the Year
Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, Spoon

2. The Phenomenal Ruthie Foster, Ruthie Foster
3. Stage Names, Okkervil River
4. Live at Antone’s, Band of Heathens
5. The Californian, Bob Schneider
6. Children Running Through, Patty Griffin
7. Unrepentant Schizophrenic American, Guy Forsyth
8. On the Jimmy Reed Highway, Omar Kent Dykes and Jimmie Vaughan
9. Noble Creatures, The Gourds
10. Cradle to the Grave, Dale Watson

Song of the Year
“The Underdog,” Spoon

2. “Flowerparts,” Bob Schneider
3. “Heal Yourself,” Ruthie Foster
4. “Heavenly Day,” Patty Griffin
5. “You Got Yr Cherry Bomb,” Spoon
6. “How Will You Shine,” The Gourds
7. “Our Life is Not a Movie or Maybe,” Okkervil River
8. “Jimmy Reed Highway,” Omar Kent Dykes & Jimmie Vaughan
9. “Build Havana,” Future Clouds and Radar
10. “Long Line of Losers,” Kevin Fowler

Album of the Year
Brotherhood, Del Castillo

2. Live From Momo's, Band of Heathens
3. Reinventing the Wheel, Asleep at the Wheel
4. Unraveling, Patrice Pike
5. Passover, The Black Angels
6. House of Apples & Eyeballs, Black Moth Super Rainbow and the Octopus Project
7. Spiritual Boy: An Appreciation of Ronnie Lane, Ian McLagan & the Bump Band
8. Reckless Kelly Was Here, Reckless Kelly
9. Origin Story, Idgy Vaughn
10. Loose, Loud & Crazy, Kevin Fowler

Song of the Year
"Beautiful Thing," Patrice Pike

photo by Mary Keating-Burton

2. "Bumblebee," Band of Heathens
3. "Break My Heart Tonight," Reckless Kelly
4. "Brotherhood," Del Castillo
5. "Spiracle," the Octopus Project
6. "Black Grease," the Black Angels
7. "Sad Sad City," Ghostland Observatory
8. "What I Wouldn't Give for Your Love," Kevin Fowler
9. "Otra Vez," Small Stars
10. "I Never Cared for You," Del Castillo

Album of the Year
Gimme Fiction, Spoon

2. Paradise Hotel, Eliza Gilkyson
3. Childish Things, James McMurtry
4. Bloom, Eric Johnson
5. Wicked Twisted Road, Reckless Kelly
6. Not So Far Away, Wideawake
7. Love Songs: For and Against, Guy Forsyth
8. Big Sweet Life: The Songs of Jon Dee Graham, various
9. Sweet Weaponry, Cruiserweight
10. Cruel and Gentle Things, Charlie Sexton

Song of the Year
"I Turn My Camera On" by Britt Dainel for Spoon

2. "Childish Things," by James McMurtry
3. "Paradise Hotel," by Eliza Gilkyson
4. "Long Long Time," by Mark Addison, Nina Singh, and Guy Forsyth for Guy Forsyth
5. "Your Sweet Eyes (Courante)," by Eric Johnson
6. "Hammer in My Head," by Grady Johnson for Grady
7. "Not So Far Away," by Scott Leger and Wideawake for Wideawake
8. "Man of God," by Eliza Gilkyson
9. "Goodbye Daily Sadness," by Cruiserweight
10. "Hard Man to Love," by Bobby Pinson and Kevin Fowler for Kevin Fowler

Album of the Year
I'm Good Now, Bob Schneider

2. Por Vida: A Tribute to the Songs of Alejandro Escovedo, Various Artists
3. Impossible Dream, Patty Griffin
4. Land of Milk and Honey, Eliza Gilkyson
5. Y.U. So Shady?, Grady
6. Movimiento Popular, Grupo Fantasma
7. The Great Battle, Jon Dee Graham
8. Tucker Livingston, Tucker Livingston
9. Wishbones, Slaid Cleaves
10. Blood of the Ram, the Gourds

Song of the Year
"Cap'n Kirk," Bob Schneider

photo by Todd V. Wolfson

2. "Stay," Wideawake
3. "Hammer in My Hand," Grady
4. "When It Don't Come Easy," Patty Griffin
5. "Not Lonely," Eliza Gilkyson
6. "Utility Rock," Grupo Fantasma
7. "Texas Blue Moon," Shelley King
8. "Top of the Food Chain," Dirty Wormz
9. "Come with Me Tonight," Bob Schneider
10. "El Cerrito Place," Charlie Robison

Album of the Year
Los Lonely Boys, Los Lonely Boys

2. Bigger Than Ourselves, Wideawake
3. Architexture, Matson Belle
4. Under the Table & Above the Sun, Reckelss Kelly
5. Los Jazz Vatos, Los Jazz Vatos
6. Born to Be Blue, Toni Price
7. The Story of Love, Monte Montgomery
8. Live at Billy Bob'sTexas, Kevin Fowler Band
9. Tropies & Baggage, Lisa Tingle
10. The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place, Explosions in the Sky

Song of the Year
"Heaven, " by Henry, Jojo, and Ringo Garza for Los Lonely Boys

2. "She Likes purple," by Abby Leger, Scott Leger, Eddie Willis, Nate Navarro, Steve Rude, and Curtis Ryker for Wideawake
3. "Float," by Katy Belle for Matson Belle
4. "Tennessee Whiskey," by Shelley King and Tony Velasco for Toni Price
5. "Screw You, We're From Texas," by Ray Wylie Hubbard
6. "On a Roll," by Lisa TIngle and Bruce Castleberry for LIsa Tingle
7. "Nobody's Girl," by Willy Braun and Mickey Braun for Reckless Kelly
8. "Luna Llena," by Joseph Serrato and Brian Ramos for Grupo Fantasma
9. "Pinwheel," by Travis Cohee, Rae Goldring, Michael Hayden, and Beth Puorro for Echoset
10. "Secret," by Casey McPherson, Darrell Moran, Steven Six, and Nathan Harlan for Endochine

Album of the Year
Tie: Vida, Del Castillo & High on the Hog, Kevin Fowler Band

2. Run, Harris & Ryden Band
3. Stereo, Vallejo
4. 1000 Kisses, Patty Griffin
5. Kill the Moonlight, Spoon
6. Souvenir, Eric Johnson
7. The Ring, Terri Hendrix
8. The Highway, Shelley King
9. Grupo Fantasma, Grupo Fantasma
10. Fencing Under Fire, Patrice Pike & the Blackbox Rebellion
11. Bigger, Wideawake
12. Back Porch Mary, Back Porch Mary
13. Faithful Heart, Sara Hickman
14. Freak of Nature, Sycamore

Best Single
"Vida" by Del Castillo

photo by Todd V. Wolfson

2. “Senorita Mas Fina” by Kevin Fowler
3. “This Hard Town” by Harris & Ryden
4. “Take A Ride” by Vallejo
5. “Get To Go” by Eric Johnson
6. “Rain” by Patty Griffin
7. “Sweet Tequila Blues” by Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez
8. "Laredo" by Grupo Fantasma
9. "Nation" Powderburn
10. "Fatal Error" by Matson Belle

MP3 of the Year
"Nation" by Powderburn

photo by John Carrico

2. “Medic” by Isola
3. “Bigger Than Ourselves” by WideAwake
4. “Get To Go” by Eric Johnson
5. “Daydream” by Pavlov’s Dogs
6. “Empowered” by Strüb
7. “Sitting In My Room” by Stealing Silence
8. "Latin Breeze" by Jon Barry Project
9. “Days of Grace” by Sundowner
10. “Lies” by Plow Monday

Song of the Year
"Senorita Mas Fina" by Kevin Fowler for Kevin Fowler Band

photo by John Anderson

2. "Vida" by Rick del Castillo and Alex Ruiz for Del Castillo
3. “Hard Town” by Chris Ryden for Harris & Ryden
4. “Texas Blue Moon” by Shelley King for the Shelley King Band
5. “Sweet Tequila Blues” by Chip Taylor for Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez
6. “Long Ride Home” by Patti Griffin for Patty Griffin
7. “Get To Go” by Eric Johnson for Eric Johnson
8. “Rain” by Patti Griffin for Patty Griffin
9. “Take A Ride” by Vallejo for Vallejo
10. “What I Want” by Beaux Loy & Zak Loy for Dameviolet

Album of the Year
Toni Price, Midnight Pumpkin

2. El Bitché, Pushmonkey
3. Texoma, Jimmy LaFave
4. Do You Get the Blues?, Jimmie Vaughan
5. Here to Jackson, Harris & Ryden
6. Damesviolet, Damesviolet
7. Wishing Well, Monte Montgomery
8. Girls Can Tell, Spoon
9. Beer, Bait, & Ammo, Kevin Fowler
10. Brothers of the Castle, Del Castillo
11. A Man Under the Influence, Alejandro Escovedo
12. Damn, It's Early, Various Artists
13. Flight, Quatropaw
14. Been a Long Time, Double Trouble
15. Twilight, Caroline Herring

Best Single
"Rain," Alien Love Child

2. "Bike Vs. Truck," Kissinger
3. "Call of My Heart," Toni Price
4. "Tired," Ginger Mackenzie
5. "Paris," Damesviolet
6. "Never Is a Moment," Jimmy LaFave
7. "Mine to Waste," Pushmonkey
8. "In the Garden," Double Trouble
9. "Beer, Bait, & Ammo," Kevin Fowler
10. "Castanets," Alejandro Escovedo
11. "Flat 13," Patrice Pike & Black Box Rebellion
12. "Wishing Well," Monte Montgomery
13. "If These Walls Could Talk," Kevin Fowler
14. "Any Day Now," Riddlin' Kids
15. "Texas Bound Again," Harris & Ryden
16. "Myself," Pushmonkey
17. "Beauty in Store," Beaver Nelson "Hard Times in Babylon," Eliza Gilkyson
18. "Mi Carino," Del Castillo
19. "Cautionary Tale," Cruiserweight

Song of the Year
Shelley King for "Call of My Heart," Toni Price

2. Chopper for "Bike Vs. Truck," Kissinger
3. Chris Maresh for "Rain," Alien Love Child
4. Beaux Loy, Zak Loy for "Paris," Damesviolet
5. Jimmy LaFave for "Never is a Moment," Jimmy LaFave
6. Alejandro Escovedo for "Castanets," Alejandro Escovedo
7. Kevin Fowler for "Beer, Bait, & Ammo," Kevin Fowler Band
8. Howie Behrens, Pat Fogarty, Darwin Keys, Tony Park, Will Hoffman for "Mine to Waste," Pushmonkey
9. Eliza Gilkyson for "Hard Times in Babylon," Eliza Gilkyson
10. Marc Gunn, Andrew McKee for "Tolkien," Brobdingnagian Bards
11. Umy, Yogi, Stella Maxwell, Dave Hawkins, for "Cautionary Tale," Cruiserweight
12. Monte Montgomery for "Wishing Well," Monte Montgomery
13. Bob Schneider for "2002," Bob Schneider
14. Beaver Nelson for "Beauty in Store," Beaver Nelson
15. Ginger Mackenzie for "Tired," Ginger Mackenzie

Album of the Year
Lonelyland, Bob Schneider (Shockorama)

2. Into the New, Vallejo (Crescent Moon/Sony 550)
3. Broke Down, Slaid Cleaves (Philo)
4. Wrestling Over Tiny Matters, Sister Seven (Arista)
5. Live and Beyond, Alien Love Child (Favored Nations)
6. Milk Cow Blues, Willie Nelson (Island)
7. Bolsa de Agua, the Gourds (Sugarhill)
8. Wonderland, George DeVore (Hypertension)
9. Paradise, Lisa Tingle (Tingle Entertainment)
10. Charm, Kissinger (WCI)
11. Spiritual Appliances, Sara Hickman (Shanachie)
12. Places in Between, Terri Hendrix (Wilory Records)
13. All Too Human, Ginger Mackenzie (Earthnoise)
14. Vera Takes the Cake, Ginger & Sarah (Whistle Foot)
15. KVRX Local Live Vol. 5: Aural Fixation (KVRX)
16. Jamie Was a Boozer, Joe West & the Sinners (Rehab Records)
17. Peep Show, Goudie (The Music Co./Elektra)
18. The Day, Reckless Kelly (Reckless Records)
19. Live @ Antone's, Joe Ely (Rounder)
20. The Return of Wayne Douglas, Doug Sahm (Texas Tornado)

Best Single
Broke Down, Slaid Cleaves

2. Into the New, Vallejo
3. Wonderland, George DeVore
4. Blind, Riddlin' Kids
5. High, Ginger Mackenzie
6. Don't Edit, Lisa Tingle
7. Consider Bridgette, Kissinger
8. Only Thing That's Real, Sister Seven
9. Love Ways, Spoon
10. El Paso, the Gourds

Song of the Year
Broke Down, Slaid Cleaves (Cleaves/Picott)

2. Into the New, Vallejo (Castleberry/Vallejo/Vallejo/Vallejo)
3. Consider Bridgette, Kissinger (Chopper)
4. Wonderland, George DeVore (DeVore)
5. Metal and Steel, Bob Schneider (Schneider)
6. Only Thing That's Real, Sister Seven (Sutton)
7. High, Ginger Mackenzie (Mackenzie/McGregor/Orell/Sanchez)
8. Don't Edit, Lisa Tingle (Tingle)
9. Big Blue, Bob Schneider (Schneider)
10. El Paso, the Gourds (Russell)

Album of the Year
Kelly Willis, What I Deserve

2. Trish Murphy, Rubies on the Lawn
3. The Barkers, Burn Your Piano
4. Monte Montgomery, Mirror
5. KVRX, Local Live IV: Refurbished Robots
6. Ray Wylie Hubbard, Crusades of the Restless Knights
7. Bob Schneider, Lonelyland
8. Asleep at the Wheel, Ride with Bob
9. Toni Price, Lowdown and Up
10. Jon Dee Graham, Summerland
11. Sara Hickman, Newborn
12. The Damnations TX, Half Mad Moon
13. KGSR Broadcasts, Vol. 7
14. Lyle Lovett, Live in Texas
15. Asylum Street Spankers, Hot Lunch
16. Texas Tornados, Live From the Limo

Best Single
Trish Murphy, "Outsider"

2. Ray Wylie Hubbard, "Conversation with the Devil"
3. Kelly Willis, "Heavenbound"
4. Dynamite Hack, "Boyz-N-the-Hood"
5. Toni Price, "Comes Love"
6. Sinis, "Rock Hard"
7. Natalie Zoe, "Never Too Old to Swing"
8. Kissinger, "Prettier Than You"
9. Radney Foster & Abra Moore, "I'm In"
10. Charlie Robison, "My Hometown"
11. Monte Montgomery, " When Will I"
12. Ginger Mackenzie, " The Garden of You and I"
13. Velvet Hammer, " Come Down"

Song of the Year
Trish Murphy, "Outsider"

2. Damon Bramblett, "Heavenbound", Kelly Willis
3. Monte Montgomery & Scott Byers Coolhot, "When Will I"
4. Ray Wylie Hubbard, "Conversations with the Devil"
5. Amy Boone & Debra Kelly, " Unholy Train", The Damnations TX
6. Bruce Robison, "Not Forgotten You", Kelly Willis
7. Rob Kyle, Scott Ronig & Chris Lowe, " Leaving Town", Dexter Freebish
8. Len Brown, Sam H. Stept & Charles Tobias, " Comes Love", Toni Price
9. Doug Sahmm, "Get A Life"
10. Jon Dee Graham, "Big Sweet Life"
11. Radney Foster & Georgia Middleman, "I'm In", Radney Foster & Abra Moore
12. Ginger Mackenzie, "The Garden of You and I"
13. Ginger Doss, "Come Down", Velvet Hammer

Album of the Year
Fastball, All the Pain Money Can Buy (Hollywood)

2. Storyville, Dog Years (Atlantic)
3. Pushmonkey, Pushmonkey (Arista)
4. Lucinda Williams, Car Wheels on a Gravel Road (Mercury)
5. Vallejo, Beautiful Life (TVT)
6. Terri Hendrix, Wilory Farm (Tycoon Cowgirl)
7. David Garza, This Euphoria (Atlantic)
8. Ugly Americans, Boom Boom Baby (Capricorn)
9. Jimmie Vaughan, Out there (AristaAustin)
10. Spoon, A Series of Sneaks (Elektra)
11. Don Walser, Down at the Sky-Vue Drive-In (Watermelon/Sire)
12. George DeVore & the Roam, George DeVore & the Roam (Me and My Records)
13. Sixteen Deluxe, Emits Showers of Sparks (Capitol)
14. Tosca, Tia Pamelita (Nois)
15. Two O'clock Courage, Postcards from Home (F.I.T)

Best Single
Fastball, The Way (Hollywood)

2. Sister 7, Know What You Mean (AristaAustin)
3. Pushmonkey, Handslide (AristaAustin)
4. Lucinda Williams, Right in Time (Mercury)
5. Storyville, Born Without You (Atlantic)
6. The Gourds, Gogityershinebox (Watermelon)
7. Ugly Americans, Boom Boom Baby (Capricorn)
8. Vallejo, Snake in the Grass (TVT)
9. Spoon, Car Radio (Elektra)
10. Terri Hendrix, Gravity (Tycoon Cowgirl)

Song of the Year
Tony Scalzo, "The Way", Fastball

2. Pike/Sutton/Phillips/Phillips, "Know What You Mean", Sister 7
3. Parks/Key/Hoffman/Fogarty/Behrens, "Handslide", Pushmonkey
4. David Grissom, "Born Without You", Storyville
5. David Garza, "Discoball World"
6. Bob Schneider, "Boom Boom Baby", Ugly Americans
7. Lucinda Williams, "Can't Let Go"
8. Britt Daniel, "Car Radio", Spoon
9. Lucinda Williams, "Car Wheels on a Gravel Road"
10. Terri Hendrix, "Gravity"

Album of the Year
Abra Moore, Strangest Places (Arista)

2. Toni Price, Sol Power (Discovery/Antone's)
3. Reckless Kelly, Millican (Cold Springs)
4. Jon Dee Graham, Escape from Monster Island (Freedom)
5. Silver Scooter, The Other Palm Springs (Peek-A-Boo)
6. Sister 7, This the Trip (Arista)
7. Trish Murphy, Crooked Mile (Rhythmic)
8. KVRX Local Live Vol. 2 (KVRX)
9. Kacy Crowley, Anchorless (Atlantic)
10. Ana Egge, River Under the Road (Lazy SOB)

Best EP
Soft Effects, Spoon (Matador)

2. 8-Track Manifesto, David Garza (Wide Open)
3. Nasty Novelties, Asylum Street Spankers (Watermelon)

Best Single
Shawn Colvin, Sunny Came Home

2. Abra Moore, Four Leaf Clover
3. Sister 7, This the Trip
4. Kacy Crowley, Hand to Mouthville

Song of the Year
Four Leaf Clover, Abra Moore

2. Sunny Came Home, Shawn Colvin
3. Hand to Mouthville, Kacy Crowley
4. Cats and Dogs, Toni Price, by Gwil Owen
5. Souvonica, 8 1/2 Souvenirs
6. Good Day for the Blues, Storyville, by David Grissom
7. This the Trip, Sister 7 (Patrice Pike, Wayne Sutton, Darrell Phillips, Sean Phillips)
8. Scorpio Tequila, Trish Murphy
9. $100 Bill, Jon Dee Graham
10. Caroline, Soak
11. Don't Feel Like Cryin', Abra Moore
12. Hey Say Mae, Reckless Kelly, by Chris Schelske and Willy Braun
13. Know What You Mean, Sister 7

Album of the Year
Storyville, A Piece of Your Soul

2. Dale Watson, Blessed or Damned
3. 8 1/2 Souvenirs, Happy Feet
4. Lyle Lovett, Road to Ensenada/i>
5. Breedlove, Reach Out
6. Spoon, Telefono
7. Lisa Tingle, In the Water
8. Willie Nelson, Spirit
9. KVRX Various Artists,
10. Gourds, Dem's Good Beeble
11. Eric Johnson, Venus Isle
12. Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Braver Newer World
13. Alejandro Escovedo, With These Hands
14. Asylum Street Spankers, Spanks for the Memories
15. Ugly Americans, Stereophonic Spanish Fly
16. Butthole Surfers, Electric Larryland
17. Sincola, Crash Landing in Teen Heaven
18. Craig Ross, Dead Spy Report
19. KGSR Broadcasts 4
20. Tie: Doyle Bramhall II/Vallejo

Best EP
Kelly Willis, Fading Fast

2. Pushmonkey
3. Loose Diamonds, Fresco Fiasco
4. Wannabes, I Am God

Best of the Year
Best Performing Bands
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