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Fusebox Festival Director Chooses His Top Five Stops for EAST 2019

Ron Berry on what's hot on this year's East Austin Studio Tour

By Ron Berry, November 22, 2019, Arts

Think of Ron Berry, and you think April. After all, that's the month Fusebox Festival, the interdisciplinary, experimental performance fest that Berry founded and has been leading for 14 years, happens. But just because that's when Berry is most active doesn't mean he's inactive the rest of the year. Those other 11 months, he's busily checking out what's happening – and most significantly, what's new – in the contemporary arts, both around the world and around town. If you want hot tips on what to see at this year's East Austin Studio Tour, he's a great source. He's provided the Chronicle with five of his favorite artists and projects that he says "float between, give passage to, and bridge different worlds." – Robert Faires

Wildly inventive. Playful. Visually arresting. The dynamic duo of Taylor and Fishman are cooking up a hybrid installation/performance for EAST. Should be a super fun and interesting ride as animation, projection, installation, and dance collide in this event co-commissioned by Big Medium & Fusebox.

Installation Hours: Sat. & Sun., 11am-6pm

Performances: Sat. & Sun., 4pm

Arrive Hotel, 1813 E. Sixth (second floor)

I can think of no other venue in Austin that exemplifies the theme of "In Between Worlds" better than MoHA. It is a true inspiration. For EAST, MoHA will feature: 1) a retrospective exhibition of 10 years of Fantastic Arcade, pairing artists, custom arcade cabinets, and indie games; 2) a variety show called Ain't No Orange in Texas, created in collaboration with system-impacted women; and 3) the incomparable Christie Blizard & Mark McCoin.

In general, I love food as an organizing principle. I mean, it's still so good after all these years. In this instance, two of my favorite things (food and art) come together in this "food-themed, kitchen sink-style" group show featuring some fabulous artists (55 total!) from Austin and beyond. Treat yourself! Springdale General, 1023 Springdale Ste. 1-B

Sarah Annie Navarrete is a dancer and photographer, floating skillfully between these worlds. Her work makes me think about these two practices in new and interesting ways. How does choreography exist within a photo? How do still images live within a movement phrase? Photography as dance? Can't wait to see what she shares as part of EAST. Also love Distribution Hall as a venue – it's a wonderful addition. Distribution Hall, 1500 E. Fourth

I love everything about this collaboration. The mighty trio of artists that is Black Mountain Project – Adrian Aguilera, Betelhem Makonnen, and Tammie Rubin – crack things open and inspire in so many ways. Even their studio space is interesting: It's basically a hallway and a tiny room (very "In Between Worlds"!). BMP's EAST project is an installation ruminating on the secret life of plants, with an assist from Walon Green's 1978 documentary featuring an original soundtrack by the one-and-only Stevie Wonder. Canopy, 916 Springdale,

Bldg. 2, Ste. 106-A

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