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East Austin Studio Tour 2019: Week 2 Recommendations

Looking for something bigger, brighter, wilder than paint on a canvas at this year’s EAST? Do we have some ideas for you

By Robert Faires, November 22, 2019, Arts

The city's fall feast of art, the East Austin Studio Tour, continues this weekend all across the sunrise side of I-35. Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 23 & 24, noon-6pm, you'll have hundreds of opportunities to see art and engage with artists – over 530 if you count all the artists' studios, galleries, and exhibit spaces in libraries, shops, schools, and other venues. Visit for a list of all the stops and events, plus maps. In partnership with Big Medium, the Chronicle has created a special, curated tour of 10 stops, which can be found on cards at Canopy and the EAST lounge. We've listed other recommendations here, with more online at

#22: GIANT LETTER Since 2012, the art collective Giant Letter has been making a series of messages on 12-foot-tall notebook paper from a fictional boy named Bobby wrestling with life issues as big as the letters and large-scale objects displayed with them. Cement Loop, 5811 Berkman #140

#106: BIRTHDAY! BIRTHDAY! BIRTHDAY! The collective of artists and friends known as Hot Pants House promise cake, confetti, songs, wishes, and birthday-themed art as they throw a birthday party (for real it's their birthday). 2940 Eckert

#131: JOHN SPOTTSWOOD MOORE Discover the lost history of Austin public access television through footage that John Spottswood Moore has been collecting for a documentary. Odd and tender videos will run on multiple TVs. 1705 New York Ave.

#471: EDDIE "BEAR" LOPEZ For 20 years, this Eastside resident has collected objects found while he's been delivering papers and added them to his yard, creating an art shrine to his neighborhood. 3103 E. Second (An art exhibit celebrating "Bear," "Happiness Is a Journey," is also on the 2019 tour, #312: BIG MEDIUM, 916 Springdale, Bldg. 2 #101.)

E.115, E.118, E.119: BODY ART MOVEMENT Artists Rebecca Rojas and Sparkle Faerie apply paint to the costumes and bodies of dancers Kelsey Oliver, Poet Powell, Kevin Armstrong, and Liquidsteel to create spectacular moving works of art.

E.115: Sat. & Sun., 1pm. Eden East, 755 Springdale; E.118: Sat. & Sun., 4pm. Austin Eastciders and Friends & Allies Brewing, 979 Springdale;

E.119: Sat. & Sun., Nov. 23 & 24, 4:30pm. Atelier Dojo & Museum of Human Achievement, 916 Springdale, Bldg. 2, Ste. 106-B

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