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Shanon Weaver's Top 10 Theatrical Performances of 2017 (the Second Half)

The year was well-served by actors who could channel spookiness, rebellion, despair, and dance fever

By Shanon Weaver, December 29, 2017, Arts

With my apologies for missing the first half; I was in New York. In viewing order:

1) KRISTIN CHILES IN THE UNDERSTUDY (Southwest Theatre Productions) Chiles perfectly captured the look of sheer controlled chaos in the eye of every good stage manager you've ever met.

2) SAM DOMINO IN PRODIGAL SON (Jarrott Productions) Winner of this year's "We'll be talking about them more next year" award.

3) THE CAST OF THE WOLVES (Hyde Park Theatre) Rebel girls, you are the queens of my world.

4) MELISSA VOGT IN VAMPYRESS (Vortex Repertory Company) Belting to the rafters and covered in blood (sometimes just blood), Vogt sent shivers up and down the spine.

5) KAREEM BADR IN WOMAN IN BLACK (Penfold Theatre/7 Towers Theatre/Austin Scottish Rite Theater) Charisma for days in a spooky play within a play.

6) THE CAST OF ZOMBIE PROM (TILT Per­form­ance Group) Big performances, even bigger hearts.

7) JOHN CHRISTOPHER IN THE BROTHERS SIZE (Capital T Theatre) "Shanon walks onstage. 'Damn, that guy was good.' Shanon exits."

8) GARRY PETERS IN THE SEAFARER (City Theatre) The devil's in the creepy, Christmas-y details.

9) AMBER QUICK IN POCATELLO (Street Corner Arts) The cream of an already maddeningly good crop.

10) THE CAST OF A CHRISTMAS CAROL (Zach Theatre) Uptown Funk gonna give it to ya, Scrooge. I'll never hear "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" the same way again.

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