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Sam Anderson-Ramos' Top 10 Takeaways From Austin's Gallery Scene in 2016

From making work to showing it, the visual art scene displayed commitments to risk, innovation, and community

By Sam Anderson-Ramos, December 30, 2016, Arts

1) UN-AIR-CONDITIONED SPACES Spaces like Not Gallery and Pump Project forgo comfort even in the hottest months. As an art lover, I can work for it.

2) THE GALLERISTS These knowledgeable, gracious hosts greeted me in every venue. A dedicated assortment of arts ambassadors.

3) FLATBED PRESS COMPLEX Each visit was an opportunity to see multiple galleries' worth of innovative, exciting work.

4) CLIONA GUNTER Her work plunges to the depths of vulnerability. It is emotional, unpredictable, and damn good.

5) CHRISTINA COLEMAN Her gender- and race-aware sculptures were everywhere I looked, holding down some of the most dynamic group shows of the year.

6) XYZ ATLAS SURVEY BY JENNIFER CHENOWETH Chenoweth's survey asking Austinites about emotional connections to specific places was a compelling document of the city's inner poetry.

7) "LOW DOWN: NEW WORKS ON PAPER BY RICARDO VICENTE JOSE RUIZ" (Not Gallery) These glittering, iconographic images depicted surreal mythologies with punch and humor, and in a very humble space.

8) "ONE / SIXTH" (de stijl | Podium for Art) This show reminded us that UT has only had seven African-American studio art MFAs in its entire history.

9) MARKETPLACE ART GALLERY Four women came together post-career to do what they love, making art and taking risks in an open studio located in an antique mall.

10) THE ESTABLISHED SPACES Props to the Blanton and Harry Ransom Center, whose world-class exhibitions keep Austin artistically and culturally competitive.

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