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Jonelle Seitz's Top 10 Brave Dance Artists of 2016

The year revealed how much courage and inspiration can be found in Austin's masters of movement

By Jonelle Seitz, December 30, 2016, Arts

1) ACIA GRAY Tap has been listening to us for almost two centuries. Now we need to listen back.

2) JENNIFER HART Ballet's not dead, and neither is romance.

3) JENNIFER SHERBURN A reminder to keep moving: Her series of 11 performances in as many months continues into the new year.

4) JULIE NATHANIELSZ Look to her for worldview – she'll be returning from Fulbright study in Indonesia.

5) KATHY DUNN HAMRICK When discourse is broken, meaningful abstract work is where it's at.

6) LISA DEL ROSARIO So much complexity in one dancer – kind of like everything, but nothing like her.

7) MAGDALENA JARKOWIEC Fresh, zany performances and hand-stitched perspectives.

8) SALLY JACQUES For hope in social justice, look up to her superterrestrial dances.

9) SHARON MARROQUÍN For catharsis: a spring work about death and rebirth, through her Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center residency.

10) STEPHEN MILLS For respite in fairy tales: Ballet Austin will reprise his The Magic Flute and Belle Redux: A Tale of Beauty and the Beast this spring.

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