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EAST 2016: A Crash Course

Five recommendations for a quick education on the Eastside arts scene and beyond

By Sam Anderson-Ramos, November 18, 2016, Arts

99. Just the Tip: Street Art From El Paso and Juarez

Sat., Nov 19, 7-11pm, 2209-B Manor Rd.
This one-night-only event showcasing street art from the Texas/Mexico border will include live music, refreshments, and graffiti demonstrations. I'm not sure if I'm amused or repulsed by the title, but I'm definitely intrigued.

104. Flatbed Press & Gallery

2832 E. MLK
Flatbed is one of the more gorgeous galleries on the Eastside, offering a large space for dynamic print work and sculpture. It also happens to share a building with other fantastic galleries (CAMIBAart, Gallery Shoal Creek, Photo Méthode), so a visit here offers an opportunity to kill several birds with one stone.

293. ICOSA Collective

702 Shady, Studio 190
The ICOSA Collective's space offers an ideal window into what makes the Eastside art scene so vibrant: a variety of innovative works by a community of artists, and an unassuming, lo-fi space that retains all the seriousness of an upscale gallery without the bullshit.

332. Not Gallery

5305 Bolm, Bay 8
Visit one of the most DIY art spaces you will ever find: a single room tucked into what is basically a storage shelter, which also happens to feature some of the most exciting work on display on the Eastside or anywhere else. A truly memorable art experience.

M. The Six Square District Tour

Sun., Nov 20, 5pm, 1152 San Bernard
Six Square Austin's Black Cultural District presents the work of more than 15 artists in multiple venues, including the Victory Grill. Visit part of Austin's historic African-American community by foot, finishing up at Kenny Dorham's Backyard for EAST closing festivities (7-10pm, 1104 E. 11th).

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