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Top 10 Theatre Performances of 2015

The Austin stage actors who gave the most impressive performances in 2015 just made it look so damned easy

By Shanon Weaver, January 1, 2016, Arts

Serious chops, in no particular order:

1) Jason Liebrecht as Odysseus Rex in Year Of The Rooster (Capital T Theatre)

Liebrecht killed as the drug-addled fighting cock. Also he spat on me, but I'm sure it was an accident.

2) Hannah Burkhauser as Bell in Tender Rough Rough Tender (groundswell)

Wholly authentic in Sarah Saltwick's love letter to ATX.

3) Aaron Johnson as Edward in Skylight (Street Corner Arts)

Keep your eye on this kid. I think we'll be talking about him a lot more by the end of 2016.

4) Amber Quick as Stella in A Street­car Named Desire (Austin Shakespeare)

More badassery in the role than is usually seen. Well-crafted, strong, and sultry.

5) Marc Pouhé as Mr. Burns in Mr. Burns, A Post-Electric Play (Mary Moody Northen Theatre)


6) Lana Dieterich as Lou Pepper in Year Of The Rooster (Capital T Theatre)

That poor dog. That poor, poor dog.

7) Tom Green as Maurice in The Night Alive (Hyde Park Theatre)

Green's silent, agonizing scream is burned into my memory.

8) Lara Toner as Tracy Lord in The Philadelphia Story (Austin Playhouse)

Totally yar, y'all. Totally yar.

9) Ken Webster and Jason Phelps as Ben and Gus in The Dumb Waiter (Capital T Theatre)

Perfect combo of script, actors, and director.

10) Claire Grasso in everything I saw her in.

Hey. Stop being so good. Give others a chance.


11) Tara Cooper's Simpsons char­ac­ter masks in Mr. Burns, A Post-Elec­tric Play (Mary Moody Northen Theatre)

Perfect, memorable, a performance unto themselves. Tara Cooper. TARA. COOPER.

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