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Rob Delaney has evolved from a dick joke behind a phallic avatar to a comedy renaissance man

By Chase Hoffberger, November 8, 2013, Arts

Rob Delaney

Sun., 4:45pm, Yellow stage

The first thing you notice is Rob Delaney's junk in a green Speedo. That's the image that greets his 945,000 followers on Twitter every day.

Delaney, 36, is one of the site's first devoted comics, someone who not only got more famous, but became famous at all, through 140-character jokes about semen, farting, and other unguarded, genuinely off-kilter topics. Now he's headlining tours and being forced to add shows in certain cities – as happened last September at the Scottish Rite Theater when demand forced Delaney to add a second set.

Today, he's basking in the October release of first book Rob Delaney: Mother. Wife. Sister. Human. Warrior. Falcon. Yardstick. Turban. Cabbage., a collection of autobiographical diatribes he never planned to write.

"I never would have said it's time for the world to read my book," he says. "A publisher read my Vice magazine columns and saw my show and said 'Want to write a book?' I'm too young to feel like the world needs a book from me. It was never a part of my grand design."

Intention notwithstanding, the book spotlights Delaney's evolution into modern renaissance man. His is no longer just a dick joke tucked behind his phallic avatar. He's a soundboard with opinions on everything from substance abuse to sexual equality to the supreme idiocy of Sen. Ted Cruz.

"I'm glad I've gotten the opportunity to express myself through means besides stand-up," he says.

"The older I get, the more I'd like to do active work championing things like access to education and improving reproductive health care such that women aren't penalized for being one of the two genders that you can be when you're born on Earth. I'd like to do more. What that will be, we'll find out."

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