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Funniest Person in Austin 2013

From 209 contenders, the final 12 emerge to duke it out for this year's comedy crown

By Robert Faires, May 17, 2013, Arts

Okay, folks, our annual comedy competition is really gettin' serious. Back on April Fools' Day, we were looking at a record 209 jokeslingers vying for the crown in this year's Funniest Person in Austin contest. After 14 preliminary rounds spread over six weeks, 42 comics advanced to the semifinals, which were held at contest sponsor Cap City Comedy Club over three nights earlier this week. From those, the dirty dozen has emerged: 12 comics who will go punch-line to punch-line in the final bid for the title of the 28th Funniest Person in Austin. In alphabetical order, they are: Amber Bixby, Mac Blake, Duncan Carson, Ryan Cownie, Chris Cubas, Cody Hustak, Bob Khosravi, Maggie Maye, Luke McClory, David McQuary, Derek Phelps, and Chance Royce.

The road to FPIA 2013 ends Monday, May 20, 8pm, at Cap City Comedy Club, 8120 Research #100. For more information, call 512/467-2333 or visit

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