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Council to creatives: It's a plan!

By Robert Faires, July 2, 2010, Arts

By the time the resolution endorsing the CreateAustin Cultural Master Plan was taken up by City Council on June 24, the clock had moved a full three and a half hours past the scheduled time for its consideration. While that meant that only a handful of the plan's supporters were still in chambers when the matter came up, it didn't really faze the CreateAustin crew. "We've waited two years for this," mused Cookie Ruiz, chair of the plan's planning process and its current leadership team. "What's a few more hours?"

Indeed. The resolution sponsored by Council Member Laura Morrison and Mayor Pro Tem Mike Martinez was intended to make up for council's lack of activity when the plan was presented to the body in June 2008. Morrison acknowledged as much from the dais when she said that she thought "we've been remiss as a city" in taking so long to endorse "this great work." The lack of endorsement hadn't stopped participants in CreateAustin (of which this writer is one) from working to implement it anyway these past two years (see "Plan, Be," Sept. 25, 2009), but they were pleased to finally have that approval – like a punctuation mark at the end of a sentence, as Ruiz put it.

For more CreateAustin information, visit and see "Shape of Things to Come," March 7, 2008.

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