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Top 9 (Plus One) Moments of Bustin' Out in '09 (In No Order)

By Madeline Irvine, January 1, 2010, Arts

1) ARTHOUSE'S GROUNDBREAKING CEREMONY Sometimes it takes breaking something down to come up with something new, and that is what Arthouse is doing in this molting year. The contemporary art kunsthalle will be bustin' out in a newly renovated building next fall.

2) ART PALACE'S MOVE TO HOUSTON Arturo Palacios' gallery is bustin' out in a big way by relocating to the big city – but its step up leaves a big hole in Austin's art scene.

3) PRE-COLUMBIAN POTTERY AT UT The University of Texas' Fine Arts Library is bustin' out of the traditional image of what a library is and does by displaying art along with art books.

4) ROSELEE GOLDBERG'S LECTURE ON PERFORMANCE ART (ARTHOUSE) One of a number of worthwhile lectures around town, this one made anyone and everyone feel like an expert in the history of performance art in 60 scintillating minutes.

5) XAVIER SALOMON LECTURE (BLANTON MUSEUM OF ART) The Dulwich Picture Gallery curator entertainingly explicated the detective work necessary to reunite the Petrobelli Altarpiece.

6) TERESITA FERNÁNDEZ AND JOAN JONAS LECTURES (BLANTON MUSEUM OF ART) Jonas was disarming in presenting and talking about her early work as a pioneering video artist, while Fernández elucidated more of her work to complement the exhibition "Blind Landscape."

7) THE PETROBELLI ALTARPIECE (BLANTON MUSEUM OF ART) In scale, in skill, in pieces – still breathtaking, by Paolo Veronese. It makes my heart soar to see such great painting here in town.

8) THE WORKS OF COLLECTORS EXTRAORDINAIRE MICHAEL AND JEANNE KLEIN Like the Petrobelli Altarpiece, we need more great art in town on a regular basis. Great art is exactly what these terrific and generous collectors provide at the Blanton.

9) 'STACKED WATERS' (BLANTON MUSEUM OF ART) Welcome this year is the transformation of the Blanton's atrium with Fernández's installation.

10) NED RIFKIN AS BLANTON DIRECTOR A quantum leap for the Blanton, UT, and Austin. Talking at a members' reception about how he sees the Blanton, Rifkin said: Past highlights are well and good, but it is now that matters most – what we do, not what we did. So let's link arms and move forward.

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