Nominations for the 2006-2007 Austin Critics Table Awards

<i>Take Me Out</i>
Take Me Out

This is the 15th year that local critics have put their heads – and pens – together to recognize the year's most exceptional work in town and high time for an awards tune-up. You see, these scribes initially focused their attention solely on theatre, and that's what they handed out awards for. By the ninth go-round, however, they had seen so much outstanding work outside that discipline that they decided to expand the honors to include the rest of the performing arts – i.e., dance and classical music – and the visual arts, too. So 18 new categories were added to the 30 or so already in place, and three times the critics took seats at the table. Still, as positive a step as that was, it made for a most unbalanced awards presentation, with one discipline garnering almost twice the recognition of the other three combined. So, after much discussion and consumption of adult beverages, the members of the Critics Table have restructured the categories to spread the honors a bit more evenly. Gone are the distinctions between gender in all the categories and most of the divisions between genres in theatre, while new categories have been created to broaden the recognition of achievements in dance, classical music, and the visual arts. The number of awards still aren't even across the disciplines, but they're considerably closer – theatre (10), dance (6), classical music (8), performing arts design (5), visual arts (8) – and we'll continue to refine them in the future. That said, the nominations for the 2006-2007 Austin Critics Table Awards, covering the period from May 1, 2006, to April 30, 2007, were assembled by the following arts writers: the Austin American-Statesman's Michael Barnes (arts), Clare Croft (dance), Randy Harriman (music), Erin Keever (visual art), David Mead (music), Joey Seiler (theatre), and Jeanne Claire van Ryzin (arts) and the Chronicle's Salvador Castillo (visual arts), Elizabeth Cobbe (theatre), Amanda Douberley (visual arts), Patti Hadad (theatre), Rachel Koper (visual arts), Nikki Moore (visual arts), and Robert Faires (arts). The Critics Table will present the awards and induct the sixth class of local legends into the Austin Arts Hall of Fame during an as-ever informal ceremony on Monday, June 4, 7pm, at the Cap City Comedy Club, 8120 Research. The public is welcome. Admission is free.


Production, Drama

Afterplay, Austin Playhouse

Funnyhouse of a Negro, ACC Drama Department/ProArts Collective

I Am My Own Wife, Zachary Scott Theatre Center

In On It, the dirigo group

Slaughter City, UT Department of Theatre & Dance

St. Nicholas, Hyde Park Theatre

Take Me Out, Zachary Scott Theatre Center

Production, Comedy

As You Like It, Austin Shakespeare Festival

The Assumption, Refraction Arts Project

La Dispute, Capital T Theatre

Moonlight and Magnolias, Austin Playhouse

My Child, My Child, My Alien Child, Hyde Park Theatre

Present Laughter, Zachary Scott Theatre Center

Psycho Beach Party, Naughty Austin

Thom Pain (based on nothing), Hyde Park Theatre

Production, Musical

At Home With Dick 2, Rubber Repertory

Big River, TexARTS

I Love My Dead Gay Son: The Musical!, Yellow Tape Construction Co.

The Music Man, TexARTS

Parade, Mary Moody Northen Theatre

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Zilker Theatre Prod.

David Mark Cohen New Play Award

The Assumption, Rebecca Beegle, Ron Berry, Sonnet Blanton, Jeffery Mills, Chase Staggs, Cyndi Williams

Bars, Bedrooms, Bukowski, James Cotton

Have You Ever Been Assassinated?, Rebecca Beegle

My Child, My Child, My Alien Child, Zell Miller III

Wireless-less, David Modigliani


Corey Atkins, Slaughter City

Lowell Bartholomee, In On It

Sonnet Blanton & Julia M. Smith, The Assumption

Franchelle Stewart Dorn, Big River

Joseph Evans, The Barber of Seville

Charles T. Hill, Sleuth

Ev Lunning Jr., Parade

Marcus McQuirter, Funnyhouse of a Negro

Katie Pearl, Kneeling Down at Noon/Wireless-less

Dave Steakley, I Am My Own Wife/Present Laughter/Take Me Out

Acting in a Leading Role

Daniel Adams, Big River

Kimberley Adams, Slaughter City

Jill Blackwood, As You Like It

Martin Burke, Take Me Out

Lana Dieterich, Catfish!

Lee Eddy, Wireless-less

Robert Faires, In On It

Jamie Goodwin, Present Laughter

Matt Hislope, Trickster

Leslie Hollingsworth, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Nathan Jenkins, Sleuth

Rebecca Luker, The Music Man

Feliz Dia McDonald, Funnyhouse of a Negro

Bernadette Nason, Shirley Valentine

Glenn Peters, I Am My Own Wife

Rebecca Robinson, The Goat, or Who Is Sylvia?

Breanna Stogner, I Love My Dead Gay Son: The Musical!/Psycho Beach Party

Ken Webster, St. Nicholas/Thom Pain (based on nothing)

Acting in a Supporting Role

Bill Akey, Big River

Ron Berry, The Assumption

Libby Dees, Parade

Leslie Hethcox, Pageant

Kevin Jones, A Brief History of Helen of Troy

Quincy Kuykendall, Parade

Carra Martinez, The Assumption

Jeffery Mills, The Assumption

Adriene Mishler, The Assumption

Jason Newman, Vaudeville Vanya

Andrea Osborn, As You Like It

Nathan Osburn, Macbeth

Marc Pouhé, Take Me Out

Mark Stewart, Thrush

Zach Thompson, Take Me Out

Steve Uzell, Big River

Jose Villarreal, Death of Dayanara

Ensemble Performance

Against My Will, Humdrum Collective

The Assumption, Refraction Arts Project

As You Like It, Austin Shakespeare Festival

The Biscuit Brothers, the Biscuit Brothers

Funnyhouse of a Negro, ACC Drama Department/ProArts Collective

I Love My Dead Gay Son: The Musical!, Yellow Tape Construction Co.

Moonlight and Magnolias, Austin Playhouse

Red Cans, Rubber Repertory

Wireless-less, UT Department of Theatre & Dance


Corey Atkins and ensemble, Slaughter City

Amanda Butterfield, I Love My Dead Gay Son: The Musical!/I Am Not Tartuffe

Company, Have You Ever Been Assassinated?

<i>The Souls of Our Feet</i>
The Souls of Our Feet

Stacey Houston, Parade

Robin Lewis, The Music Man/Seven Brides for Seven Brothers/Big River

Touring Show, Theatre

Bunk Bed Brothers, Austin Theatre Alliance

Confessions of a Mormon Boy, Arts on Real

Hairspray, UT-PAC

Hamlet, Actors From the London Stage

Eartha Kitt, Austin Cabaret Theatre

The Lion King, UT-PAC

Faith Prince, Austin Cabaret Theatre


Scenic Design

Sarah Davidson, The Way of the World/Slaughter City

Michael Massey, Parade

Michael Raiford, I Am My Own Wife/Take Me Out

Cliff Simon, Present Laughter

Chase Staggs, The Assumption/Macbeth

Leilah Stewart, Minus Tide/Have You Ever Been Assassinated?

Costume Design

Susan Branch, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers/Present Laughter

Laura Cannon, Requiem/Have You Ever Been Assassinated?

Blair Hurry, Parade (Mary Moody Northen Theatre)

Buffy Manners, The Souls of Our Feet/An Ideal Husband

Susan Mickey, et al., "Parade" (UT Dance Repertory Theatre)

Sarah Mosher, The Way of the World

Lighting Design

Jason Amato, Requiem/I Am My Own Wife/

The Souls of Our Feet/Take Me Out

Diana Duecker, Kneeling Down at Noon

Natalie George, Have You Ever Been Assassinated?/ The Assumption

Michelle Habeck, Dialogues 2007

Stephen Pruitt, Macbeth

Peter Sukovaty, Funnyhouse of a Negro

Sound Design

Craig Brock, Take Me Out

K. Eliot Haynes, The Assumption

William Meadows, Requiem

Buzz Moran, Macbeth

Phillip Owen, Vaudeville Vanya

Video Design

Avram Dodson, I Am Not Tartuffe

K. Eliot Haynes, The Assumption

Matt Ryan, The Souls of Our Feet


Dance Concert

Director's Choice/Gold, Ballet Austin

Flash Dance; 30 Dances in 60 Minutes, Kathy Dunn Hamrick Dance Company

Requiem, Blue Lapis Light

Sleeping Beauty, Act III/Serenade, Ballet Austin

The Souls of Our Feet, Tapestry Dance Company

Short Work

"Creative Process: Weekday 6:00AM," Hot September Flurries, Sharon Marroquin

"Group Therapy," Dialogues 2006, American Repertory Ensemble

"Just a Regular Joe," Dialogues 2006, American Repertory Ensemble

"La Maja Dolorosa," Dialogues 2007, American Repertory Ensemble

"The Medium Is the Message," Dialogues 2007,

American Repertory Ensemble

"Move Over Bacon," Suite, … Peggy Lee, Ballet East

"Parade," Ways to Get There, Dance Repertory Theatre

"Room," Fuse Box Festival, Deborah Hay, Linda Austin, Tahni Holt


Amanda Butterfield, We Are Normal, Cha Cha Chaaa

Kathy Dunn Hamrick, Flash Dance: 30 Dances in 60 Minutes

Sally Jacques, Requiem

Sharon Marroquin, "Creative Process: Weekday 6:00AM," Hot September Flurries/"Upstream," Suite, … Peggy Lee/"Prayer 1-4," Dance Carousel 2007

Roen Salinas, El Gran Circo: The Aztlan Circus


Lisa del Rosario "Dance With Glass of Water," Hot September Flurries

Ikolo Griffin, "The Lark Ascending," Dialogues 2007

Theresa Hardy, Requiem

Katelyn Harris, The Souls of Our Feet

Marlo Harris, Flash Dance: 30 Dances in 60 Minutes

Jason Janas, The Souls of Our Feet

Aara Krumpe, "Serenade"/Golden Section

Brenna Kuhn, The Souls of Our Feet

Tasha Lawson, The Souls of Our Feet

Ashley Lynn, Sleeping Beauty, Act III

Sharon Marroquin, "Creative Process: Weekday 6:00AM," Hot September Flurries

Lisa Nicks, Flash Dance: 30 Dances in 60 Minutes

Allisyn Paino, Taming of the Shrew

Matt Shields, The Souls of Our Feet

Lisa Washburn, Romeo and Juliet

Nicole Whiteside, Requiem


Dance Carousel 2007, Elsewhere Dance Theatre/ Sheep Army

"Group Therapy," Dialogues 2006

The Souls of Our Feet, Tapestry Dance Company

We Are Normal, Cha Cha Chaaa, Yellow Tape Construction Co.

Touring Show, Dance

Heat and Life, Catalyst, Dance Umbrella

Fetish and Other Dances, Hijack, Refraction Arts Fuse Box Festival

Hubbard Street Dance Company, UT-PAC

Noche Flamenca, One World Theatre

The Bends of Life, Wideman/Davis Dance, Dance Umbrella


Museum Exhibition

"The American Twenties," Harry Ransom Center, Rodney Phillips curator

"Cantata for Twelve Choirs and Several Salamanders/Daniel Bozhkov," Arthouse, Regine Basha and Diana Block curators

"The Geometry of Hope," Blanton Museum of Art, Gabriel Perez-Barreiro curator

"Graciela Iturbide: Ojos Para Volar/Eyes to Fly With," Wittliff Gallery, Connie Todd curator

"Luca Cambiaso," Blanton Museum of Art, Jonathan Bober curator

"Again + Again," Austin Museum of Art, Dana Friis-Hansen curator

"YLA No. 11: Juventud Desenfrenada," Mexic-Arte Museum, Alberto McKelligan Hernandez curator

Solo Gallery Exhibition

"Elaine Bradford: Freaks of Nurture," Women & Their Work

"Buster Graybill: The Oklahoma Snorkel," Donkey Show

"Kenneth J. Hale: New Works on Paper," Slugfest Gallery

Outside In installation, Elaine Bradford (Okay Mountain)
"Outside In" installation, Elaine Bradford (Okay Mountain)

"Heather Johnson: Degrees of Separation," Women & Their Work

"Jules Buck Jones & Caitlin Haskell: Beast Footed Feathered Serpents," Testsite

"Joseph Phillips," D Berman Gallery

Matthew Rodriguez, "duck duck GOOSE," Volitant Gallery

Christopher Schade, "Islands," D Berman Gallery

Michael Sieben, "Smile Forever," Art Palace

Cauleen Smith & A. Van Jordan, "I Want to See My Skirt," Testsite

Eric Zimmerman, "Simplon Pass," Art Palace

Group Gallery Exhibition

"Austin Graffiti Art: From Birth to Present," Gallery Lombardi, Rachel Koper curator

"Celebrated Skin," Butridge Gallery, DAC, Christina Hiett curator

"Eastern European Painting Now," Lora Reynolds Gallery, Jane Neal curator

"The Llamerret Show," Darkroom Gallery, John King curator

"Staff Infection," Okay Mountain, Okay Mountain staff curators

"Intersections," Creative Research Lab

"Sugarcoated," Women & Their Work, Lisa Choinacky and Katherine McQueen curators

"Summer Fling," Art Palace, Ali Fitzgerald curator

"Take Me to Bed or Lose Me Forever," Volitant Gallery, Leona Scull-Hons curator

Independent Project

"House Painting," Erica Curtis (MASS Gallery)

"The Gathering," Courtney DiSabato and Sean Gaulager (Else Madsen Gallery)

"The 'I' of Texas," Luke Savisky (First Night Austin)

"The Message," Johnny Walker (First Night Austin)

"PINK," Jaclyn Pryor (First Night Austin) Stacked Studios, Stacked Studios

"Stalemate of the Boozefox," Drew Liverman, Scott Eastwood, Mike Phalan, and Jules Buck (Fuse Box)

"Texas Biennial 2007," Butridge Gallery, Okay Mountain, Site 1808, Bolm Studios

Work of Art

Makeover Mandala, Virginia Fleck (Texas Biennial)

Memento Mori, Leah Markov-Lindsey (Volitant)

Mirror, Mirror, Linda Pace (Texas Biennial)

"Outside In" installation, Elaine Bradford (Okay Mountain)

The Things You Need to Know …, Reed Posey (Volitant)

Gallery, Body of Work

Art Palace

Creative Research Laboratory

Lora Reynolds Gallery

Okay Mountain

Women & Their Work


Roberto Bellini

Elaine Bradford

Candace Briceño

Virginia Fleck

William Hundley

Michael Sieben

Cauleen Smith

Rebecca Ward

Mel Ziegler

Touring Show, Art

"Draw," Gallery Lombardi

"E-Flux Video Rental," Arthouse

"America Starts Here: Kate Ericson and Mel Ziegler," Austin Museum of Art

"Hitten' Switches," Okay Mountain

"Over + Over," Austin Museum of Art

"Radical NY!," Austin Museum of Art


Symphonic Performance

Beethoven: Violin Concerto, Joshua Bell with Austin Symphony Orchestra

Mozart: Piano Concerto No. 24 in C Minor/Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto No. 4, Yefim Bronfman with Austin Symphony Orchestra

Respighi: Pines of Rome, Austin Symphony Orchestra

Shostakovich: Symphony No. 13 "Babi Yar," Nikita Storojev with Austin Symphony Orchestra

Chamber Performance

Mozart: Sonatas for Piano and Violin, A. Mozart Fest

Nielsen: Woodwind Quintet/Mozart: Quintet for Piano and Winds, Chamber Soloists of Austin

Two to Tango: Nuevo Tangos of Astor Piazzolla, Austin Chamber Music Center

Choral Concert

Bach: Christmas Oratorio, St. Cecilia Music Series

Christmas at the Carillon, Conspirare

Crossing the Divide Closing Gala Concert, Conspirare, et al.

Mozart: Mass in C Minor, Conspirare


The Barber of Seville, Austin Lyric Opera

The Fall of the House of Usher, Butler Opera Center

Turn of the Screw, Butler Opera Center

Waiting for the Barbarians, Austin Lyric Opera


Sandra Piques Eddy, The Barber of Seville

Phillip Hall, Plump Jack/Fall of the House of Usher

Julie-Anne Hamula, Turn of the Screw

Hee Hyun Lim, Madame Butterfly

Eugene Perry, Waiting for the Barbarians

Gerardo Ramos, Prodigal Son

Richard Salter, Waiting for the Barbarians

David Small, The Barber of Seville

Agnes Vojtko, Turn of the Screw

Adriana Zabala, Waiting for the Barbarians

Original Composition/Score

The Assumption, Justin Bankston, Adam Sultan, & the Moonlight Towers

"DSCH" & Symphony No. 5, Graham Reynolds

Thrush, Adam Sultan

"La Maja Dolorosa," Rob Deemer, Dialogues 2007

"Miniamal," Maurice Chammah

"Pluto: Requiem for an Icy World," William Meadows

"Salut au Monde," John Muehleisen

"Leaves of Grass," Dan Welcher

"Poemas de Amor," Stephen Paulus


Paul Galbraith, Austin Classical Guitar Society

Marianne Gedigian, flute, Liebermann: Flute Concerto, UT Symphony

Leigh Mahoney, "… I to My Friends," Dialogues 2006

Michelle Schumann, "In a Landscape," Dialogues 2006

Body of Work/Season

American Repertory Ensemble

Austin Chamber Music Center

Austin Symphony Orchestra


Texas Early Music Project

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