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ColdTowne Heroes

NOLA to Austin to all over

By Robert Faires, February 10, 2006, Arts

What brought the ColdTowne Heroes to Austin might have been a disaster, but what's happened to them since has been anything but. The New Orleans improv troupe was 6 months old and just finding its audience when Hurricane Katrina devastated its hometown. Five of ColdTowne's eight members relocated to Austin and since then have become part of our burgeoning improv scene, working regular gigs at the Hideout, insinuating themselves into FronteraFest, and even making laughs out of their hardships with Hurricanes Are Funny, a sketch show rooted in, well, you know. Now, the troupe has been invited to several upcoming comedy festivals, including the Tucson Comedy Festival, Dirty South Improv Festival, Phoenix Improv Festival, Washington DC Comedy Fest, and Chicago Improv Festival. Alas, as the Heroes are your standard starving artists, they need help scraping together the scratch that'll pay for 11,000 miles worth of gas. So they're putting on Fun-Razor, an evening of improv, short films, and sketches, with live auctions, where you can bid on a date with ColdTowne or the chance to host the ColdTowne Dance Marathon in your living room. Help ColdTowne get out of town, and they'll have another reason to come back.

Fun-Razor takes place Thursday, Feb. 16, 8pm, at the Hideout Theater, 617 Congress. For more information, visit

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