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Top 10 Theme/Group Art Exhibitions of 2005

By Rachel Koper, January 6, 2006, Arts

1) "Will There Ever Be a Rainbow?" (the unicorn art show) (Bolm Studios)

2) "Suspended Narratives" (Lora Reynolds Gallery)

3) "22 to Watch" (Austin Museum of Art)

4) Robyn O'Neil & Ludwig Schwarz, "Arthouse Texas Prize 2005" (Arthouse)

5) "Mulligan Stew" (Gallery Lombardi)

6) Anything curated by Mike Parsons: tattoo shops or Shiny Object

7) Stitch or anything including the Austin Craft Mafia

8) "Nest" (2040 Gallery)

9) Nate Nordstrom's Compound, First Thursdays in Aerosol Heaven

10) "A Clever Name for a Drawing Show" (Camp Fig)

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