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Top 10 Most Memorable Theatrical Offerings That I Chanced to See in 2005 (A Hierarchical List)

By Barry Pineo, January 6, 2006, Arts

1) "Master Harold" ... and the boys (Sam Bass Community Theatre) Saw it completely by accident. Hardly a soul in the audience. Nothing more difficult to do than drama. Walked out having seen a tremendously accomplished piece of theatre. Starring Mark Pouhe, Mark Banks, and Brandon Harris. Directed by Dennis Whitehead.

2) Americamisfit (Salvage Vanguard Theater) Playwright Dan Dietz's genius take on American history and revolution, starring the oh-so-cool Jason Newman. Directed by Jason Neulander.

3) The Three Cuckolds (Tongue and Groove Theatre) A sublime example of the art of comedy, with an oddly transcendent performance by Blake Smith. Directed by David Yeakle.

4) Sleeping Beauty (Vortex Repertory Company) An original musical by Bonnie Cullum and Content Love Knowles, with more than a couple of wonderful songs and the most striking images I saw all year. Directed by Cullum.

5) The Mikado (Gilbert & Sullivan Society of Austin) If you can hold my attention for close to three hours with a story I already know, you're doing something very right. Directed by Ralph MacPhail Jr.

6) The Flu Season (Championship Theatre Group) A strange and curious play about institutionalized love, simply and expertly staged by Jeff Griffin.

7) Up in the Old Hotel (Refraction Arts Project) An original, surreal tribute to New Yorker writer Joseph Mitchell. Directed by Ron Berry.

8) The Evidence of Silence Broken (Hyde Park Theatre) Zell Miller III's hip-hop anthem to love and family. Directed by Ken Webster.

9) Reefer Madness (Bedlam Faction) Theatre on the edge – no, make thatfalling right off the cliff. Directed by Bedlam Faction.

10) Home Entertainment/Espectáculo Casero (Leticia Rodriguez/Dance Umbrella) Very warm and friendly gatherings for the most original idea for entertainment all year. Directed by Leticia Rodriguez and Tim Mateer.

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