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December 9, 2005, Arts

Andy St. Martin: Outside the Grooves

Bolm Studios Gallery, through Dec. 16

An East Coast artist with interests in choreography, dance, and performance, Andy St. Martin has explored new approaches to abstract expressionism in his paintings for the last six years. The combination of formal structure and gestural impulse is carefully designed in these modestly scaled works. There is no referencing to political, religious, or social cause. These are controlled compounded symbols happily reordering themselves in harmonious disjunction. Confused yet? Imagine Franz Marc (expressionist), Fernand Leger (cubist), Carlo Carrà (futurist), Andy Warhol (Pop art), and Miriam Schapiro (pattern and decoration) cooking in the same kitchen, and you might get a sense of St. Martin's works. What a fabulous hybrid meal to digest. These oil and acrylic works on birch panels have much to do with early modernism yet seem to find their place in a post-postmodern moment. The mark-making is congruent yet divested enough to be fluidly individual between images. And if you miss the exhibition, St. Martin can be found working in his studio with the Splinter Group on Springdale. He is engaging, funny, and absolutely honest.

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