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Long Fringe @ Blue Theatre

January 11, 2002, Arts

Searching for Santa and Finding Hope
by Carl Anderson
Anderson, an Austin writer/performer/ psychologist and a master storyteller, draws on material from 18 journals, his dissertation research, and a heart-opening collection of letters to share what he's experienced and learned portraying St. Nick for 20 years.
Sun, 1/27: 6:30pm; Tue, 1/29: 7:15pm; Thu, 1/31: 7pm; Sat, 2/2 noon

Sista Overpass Performance Installation One
by Piper Anderson, Florinda Bryant, and Marian Thamynyagam
Fusing poetry, theatre, movement, and song, three interdisciplinary performance artists share personal stories of wisdom gained from challenges that have taken them over a bridge called struggle into "becoming" the women they were always meant to be.
Sat, 1/26: 2:15pm; Sun, 1/27: noon; Fri, 2/1: 10:30pm; Sun, 2/3: 7:45pm

Mass Maximum
by Ellen Bartel and Caroline Sutton; original music by Andrew Baron (Spank Dance Company and Wicked Cricket Dance Theatre)
Dance performance by two Austin dance companies. In Bartel's "Brenda Meets Brenda" and Sutton's "Road Rage," the artists use a huge cast crammed onto a small stage as an ironic symbol of technology's dehumanizing and alienating effects on society.
Tue, 1/22: 8pm; Mon, 1/28: 6:30pm; Wed, 1/30: 9:45pm; Sat, 2/2: 6:15pm

Dragging a Dead Man
by Keith Derenzo
A man mysteriously finds himself the owner and caretaker of an unclaimed corpse in this solo performance about a neurotic and all of his dead weight. One disembodied man. One orphaned body. Each is a burden to the other.
Fri, 1/25: 11:15pm; Sat, 1/26: 8:30pm; Fri, 2/1: 5pm; Sun, 2/3: 10pm

Faith Healer
by Brian Friel (Big Bad Wolf Productions)
Wed, 1/23: 9:30pm; Sat, 1/26: 4:30pm; Thu, 1/31: 9:15pm; Sat, 2/2: 8:15pm

Unknown Soldier
by Amparo Garcia-Crow (Prism Works)
Chris Alonzo returns to Austin in this 90-minute deconstruction of El Carpa Garcia. Stripped to its guerilla theatre bones, this epic tale goes in search of its "campy" conquistador heart. What's a soldier of fortune to do in the thick of Aztec ash and rubble?
Fri, 1/25: 7:15pm: Sat, 1/26: 10pm; Sun, 1/27: 2:15pm; Wed, 1/30: 5:15pm

Rounding Home
by Amy Goodwin; directed by Marco Perella
All her life, Sally has been overshadowed by her baseball pitcher brother. When he comes home after his first season in the major leagues, she is forced to confront the implications of her behavior and her lack of commitment to the future.
Wed, 1/23: 7:30pm; Sun, 1/27: 4:30pm; Tue, 1/29: 9:30pm; Sun, 2/3: noon

Cherry Cherry Lemon
by Keri Healey; performed by Amy Augustine and Keira McDonald; music by Aaron Loidhamer (Round Firm and Fully Packed Productions)
Two actresses play out their entertainingly messy lives in a provocative comedy that takes on ex-lovers and small penises, the rush of forbidden orgasms with the wrong men, the humiliation of psychotherapy, and memories that are hard to set free.
Thu, 1/31: 5:15pm; Fri, 2/1: 8:45pm; Sat, 2/2: 10:30pm; Sun, 2/3: 2pm

Edmond by David Mamet (Mainline Theater Project)
A man set morally adrift leaves an unfulfilling marriage to find sex, adventure, companionship, and, ultimately, the meaning of his existence. Recommended for mature audiences only.
Thu, 1/24: 9:30pm; Sat, 1/26: noon; Wed, 1/30: 7:30pm; Sun, 2/3: 3:45pm

by realmdanceproject
An exploration of the random events that shape our world-view, our sense of self, and our daily lives. The dancers of realm boldly investigate what makes us do what we do and what keeps us from doing what we want.
Tue, 1/22: 5:30pm; Thu, 1/24: 7:15pm; Mon, 1/28: 8:30pm; Fri, 2/1: 6:30pm

The Story Circle
by Bill Woodburn and Marie Welsch (Random Acts Puppet Theatre)
Using a combination of traditional folktales, abstract puppets, and nontraditional staging, The Story Circle re-creates the atmosphere of an ancient tribal storytelling circle. Suggested for adults and families with older children.
Sat, 1/26: 6:45pm; Sun, 1/27: 8:45pm; Tue, 1/29: 5:30pm; Sat, 2/2: 2:15pm

At the Hawk's Well
by W. B. Yeats, music by Anderson Dear and Art Davis, masks by Kari Perkins, costumes by Chia Guillory, directed by Art Davis (Tongue and Groove Theatre)
On a set created from a branch of a tree, a wooden box, a circle of stones, and pieces of silk, director Davis uses Japanese Noh Theatre to provide the structure for Yeats' retelling of Irish myth.
Tue, 1/22: 10pm; Fri, 1/25: 9:30pm; Sat, 2/2: 4pm; Sun, 2/3: 6pm


La Ronde by Arthur Schnitzler and The Stronger by August Strindberg, directed by Guy Roberts (Austin Shakespeare Festival/Austin Community College Drama Department). Unique double bill of Schnitzler's erotic masterpiece, starring Babs George, Paul Norton, Harvey Guion, and Tom Green; and Strindberg's penetrating exploration of betrayal and love at a cafe table on Christmas Eve, starring Nancy Bandiera and ACC drama students. 2/7-11, Thu-Mon, 8pm, plus Sun 2pm. Free (donation suggested). For information, call 223-3339.

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