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The Year in Austin Culture

By Rob Curran, January 5, 2001, Arts

Top 10 Reasons for Coming to Austin From Overseas

1. The Most Beautiful Girls in the World -- I love you, Sara.

2. Lunch in the Taqueria in La Hacienda supermarket beside the library on East Riverside -- uno por cobro, gracias.

3. Theatre Companies, Artists, Writers, Film-makers, Poets, and Coffee-drinkers Matter, and even the cynics dream.

4. The Butthole Surfers, Knife in the Water, -- And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead.

5. To Fry Eggs on the Dashboard of the Car All Summer and for most of the other seasons.

6. People Who Live in Austin Have a Better than Average Chance of Being Elected President of the United States (if they are American citizens, have a suitcase full of cash, and a brother who pays the judiciary's wages).

7. The Kinkstah, Texas' only Jewish cowboy detective works a nearby beat.

8. Mother Egan's Irish Bar. Be the four cows of Cooley's bull, mine's a mucky soup, please, Michael.

9. It's Not Decatur, Illinois.

10. There's Greenery All Over the Place.

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