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February 23, 1996, Arts

Austin playwright David Bucci, author of Kid Carnivore and MedVegas, currently has a hit play in the nation's capital. His Lynnwood Pharmacy, "a satire on kitchen sink dramas," has been staged by the noted Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company of Washington, D.C., and has done so well that it's being held over. Bucci traces his good fortune to the first Regional Alternative Theatre (RAT) shindig in Iowa, where he met Woolly Mammoth artistic director Howard Shalwitz. Bucci gave Shalwitz some of his scripts, and Shalwitz found Lynnwood to be "right up Woolly's alley." Bucci, who saw the production and is full of praise for Woolly Mammoth and director Rick Fiori, urges everyone here to zip up to D.C. and see it before March 3.

Farewell Performance

For five years, Christopher Maier has been a fixture in Austin, dazzling adults with his flamenco dancing, children with stories, and everyone with his love of performance and his kindness. Now, alas, this gifted artist is leaving our town, but, in his characteristically generous way, he is not going without bestowing a last gift on Austin. As his farewell, Maier will present Stories of the Body, February 22-March 3 at Hyde Park Theatre. With dancer Nancy Lazarczyk, Maier will join dance, poetry, music, and mime to spin original and ancient stories. Call 499-TIXS for info. Best wishes, Christopher, and thanks.

Tax Relief for Artists

It's that time of year when all artists are able to set aside their aesthetic differences and agree on one thing: Taxes bite. Artists' Legal and Accounting Assistance of Austin (ALAA) sympathizes, and while they can't make taxes go away, they can reduce some of the stress of filing returns. Monday, February 26, 6-9pm, at Capitol City Playhouse, they're holding a Tax Seminar just for artists. Local accountants well versed in the tax code will field questions in an open panel and individually. Cost: $5 for ALAA members, $10 for non-members, with some scholarships available. For more info, call 476-4458.

Santa Surfaces

For 13 years, one Austinite has been building a national reputation as the "real" Santa. Carl Anderson has been praised by media outlets from the Wall Street Journal to NPR, not just because he looks the part, but because he connects with children in a kind and giving way. Anderson loves the role and even wrote his doctoral dissertation on kids' belief in Santa. Now, he's penned a play: The Santa Chronicles: Reindeer, Elves, and Dragons, Oh My!, which he'll perform at Playfest at the Dougherty Arts Center February 28-March 3. It's the first time in 10 years that locals will be able to see Anderson as Santa (he spends his Yuletides doing him for Dallas' NorthPark Mall), so don't miss it. Call 499-TIXS for info.

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