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1995 Austin Critics' Table Nominations

May 12, 1995, Arts

For the third year, a gathering of theatre critics from local publications has produced their list of outstanding achievements in Austin theatre from May 1994-April 1995. Members of the table are: Michael Barnes and Jamie Smith, Austin American-Statesman; John Bustin, West Austin News; David Mark Cohen, Texas Triangle; Jerry Conn, Westlake Picayune; and Robert Faires and Barry Pineo, The Austin Chronicle. From these nominations, awards will be announced at a ceremony at Top of the Marc on May 15, Monday, 8pm. The ceremony is open to the public; admission is free. (Note: Members refrained from voting in categories in which they or family members were eligible.)

New Script, Original

Becoming Brontë, Emily Cicchini

Blinded by the Lights, Doris Hargrave

The Converse Is Also True; Hank Schwemmer

Digi-Glo, Steve Moore

Sabbath Days in a Hot Pick-Up, Jennifer Haley

New Script, Adapted

Anne Sexton: The Excitable Gift, Pam Christian

Bremen Town Musicians, Allen Robertson

The Chalk Circle, Troupe Texas

Ellen Foster, Barbara Bates Smith

Great Expectations, Robert Tolaro


The Bremen Town Musicians, Second Youth

Dreamgirls, Zachary Scott Theatre Center

Forever Plaid, Zachary Scott Theatre Center

Hair, St. Edward's University

110 in the Shade, Live Oak Theatre/UT Dept. of Theatre & Dance


Ellen Foster, UT Dept. of Theatre & Dance

Fuente Ovejuna, St. Edward's Univer-sity

Perfect Crime, Capitol City Playhouse

Search and Destroy, The Company

The WaterPrinciple, Frontera/Hyde Park Theatre


Alabama Rain, Subterranean Theatre Co.

Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet), Capitol City Playhouse

Jeffrey, Capitol City Playhouse

The Three Cuckolds, UT Dept. of Theatre & Dance

The Triumph of Love, Different Stages

Director, Musical

Christopher Boyd, Bremen Town Musicians

Greg Easley, Five Guys Named Moe

Susan Loughran, Hair

Bil Pfuderer, Little Me

Dave Steakley, Forever Plaid, Dreamgirls

Director, Drama

Vicky Boone, The Water Principle, Girl Gone

Marjorie Hayes, Fuente Ovejuna

Shannon Mayers, Ellen Foster

Mark Ramont, Perfect Crime

Johanna Whitmore,Search and Destroy

Director, Comedy

Christopher Dove, Midsummer Night's Dream

Jill Parker-Jones, Lost in Yonkers

Mark Ramont, Jeffrey, Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)

Ken Webster, Alabama Rain

David Yeakle, The Three Cuckolds

Lead Actor, Musical

Greg Holt, She Loves Me

Huck Huckaby, Little Me

Clinton Sam, Five Guys Named Moe

Roderick Sanford, Rockin' Christmas Party, Dreamgirls

Joe York, Forever Plaid

Lead Actor, Drama

Ken Bradley, Rope, Orphans

Robert Graham, Three Hotels

Jason Phelps, The Water Principle

Michael Cal Stewart, An Asian Jockey in Their Midst

Doug Taylor, Search and Destroy

Lead Actor, Comedy

Arnie Burton, Jeffrey

Craig Kanne, The Tavern

Jason Kendall, The Three Cuckolds

Steve Moore, Digi-Glo

Ken Webster, Tinker's Dam

Lead Actress, Musical

Jacqui Cross, Dreamgirls

Ellen Gerhard, 110 in the Shade

Rusty Rae, Always... Patsy Cline

Meredith Robertson, She Loves Me

Ameerah Tatum, Dreamgirls, Blue Orpheus

Lead Actress, Drama

Pam Christian, Anne Sexton: The Excitable Gift

Virginia Jenkins, Girl Gone

Barbara George-Reiss, Pterodactyls

Robin Michaels, Perfect Crime

Annie Suite, The Water Principle

Lead Actress, Comedy

Janelle Buchanan, Tinker's Dam

Joy Cunningham, Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)

Babs George, Lost in Yonkers

Jill Parker-Jones, Blinded by the Lights

Jennifer Stuart, The Triumph of Love

Supporting Actor, Musical

Michael Harlan, Little Me

Tom Orr, 110 in the Shade

Clinton Sam, Dreamgirls

Scott Schroeder, Little Me

Brian Townes, Hair

Supporting Actor, Drama

Chamblee Furguson, Girl Gone

Steve McDaniel, Perfect Crime

Jim McQueen, Keely and Du

Barry Pineo, Search and Destroy

David Stokey, Great Expectations

Supporting Actor, Comedy

Norman Blumensaadt, The Triumph of Love

Martin Burke, Jeffrey

Steven Gibbs, Jeffrey

Bil Pfuderer, Jeffrey

Jason Phelps, Pterodactyls

Supporting Actress, Musical

Judy Arnold, Dreamgirls

Felicia Dinwiddie, Dreamgirls

Patricia Furguson, Views From a Rollercoaster

Boni Hester, She Loves Me

Kara Galbraith, Little Me

Supporting Actress, Drama

Anne Hulsman, Search and Destroy

Aimee McCormick, Becoming Brontë, Girl Gone

Amy Lee Pearsall, Girl Gone

Missy Thomas, Much Ado About Nothing, Etta Jenks

Patricia Wappner, Girl Gone

Supporting Actress, Comedy

Katherine Catmull, Alabama Rain

Barbara Chisholm, Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)

Mary Furse, Alabama Rain

Karen Jones, Eddie Lee, Eddie Lee

Emily Herbruck, Alabama Rain

Musical Direction

Lyn Atkins, Five Guys Named Moe

Jonathan Borden, Bremen Town Musicians

Hank Hehmsoth, Hair

Jamie Hilboldt, Rockin' Christmas Party

Allen Robertson, Forever Plaid, Dreamgirls


J. De Vos, K2

Jim Fritzler, Fuente Ovejuna

Gunn Brothers, Perfect Crime

Jason Phelps, Girl Gone

Sergio Samayoa,Faustus


Jason Amato, Beirut, Faustus

Don Day, Dreamgirls

Harry Dixon,Camino Real

John Ore, Perfect Crime

Robert Whyburn, The Water Principle, Five Guys Named Moe


Polly Boersig, Camino Real

Leslie Bonnell, Forever Plaid

Sara Medina-Pape, Fuente Ovejuna, Fallen Angels

Cynthia A. Morrill, The Comedy of Errors

Michael Raiford, Dreamgirls, Five Guys Named Moe


Christopher McCollum, An Asian Jockey in Their Midst, The Water Principle

Robi Polgar, H.I.D. (Hess Is Dead)

Michael Raiford, Forever Plaid, Dreamgirls

Tomas Salas, Faustus

Joyce Wade, Perfect Crime, Fuente Ovejuna


Toni Bravo,Fuente Ovejuna

Greg Easley, Five Guys Named Moe

Sarah Ing, The Chalk Circle

Margery Segal, The Water Principle

Dave Steakley, Forever Plaid, Dreamgirls

Touring Show

Banjo Dancing, Capitol City Playhouse

Guys and Dolls, Paramount Theatre

I Might Be Edgar Allan Poe, Remembrance Through the Performing Arts

My Left Breast, Frontera/Hyde Park Theatre

Oleanna, Paramount Theatre

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