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National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon One

Despite the fact that National Lampoon: The Magazine has finally succumbed to poor sales, the company's film division stoically marches onward, buoyed by its seemingly...

Marc Savlov, Review, Feb. 12, 1993

Bad Lieutenant

There is no redemption without, first, debasement; no transcendence without transgression; no forgiveness without sin. In this NC-17-rated film, Keitel is the Bad Lieutenant --...

Marjorie Baumgarten, Review, Feb. 12, 1993


One's a Marine. The other's a National Security Council comer. Both are sharpshooters but one has over 70 kills to his name and the other...

Marjorie Baumgarten, Review, Feb. 5, 1993

Simple Men

Hal Hartley's films are unmistakable: they beat with an irregular rhythm, speak in affected dialogues, brush against the suburban surreal. An up-and-coming auteur, Hartley first...

Steve Davis, Review, Feb. 5, 1993

Children of the Corn Ii: The Final Sacrifice

“Based on a short story by Stephen King”, Corn II drags that poor pop-culture stylist's already tarnished name through the mud and gore once again,...

Marc Savlov, Review, Feb. 5, 1993


A woman leaves her home and family in Mexico City to embark on a romantic quest in Veracruz only to lose sight of the original subject of her search and, in the process, find something more precious – herself.

Marjorie Baumgarten, Review, Jan. 29, 1993


Based on Josephine Hart's best-selling novel, Damage recounts a man's attempt to fathom the unfathomable, with tragic results. Dr. Stephen Fleming, a high-ranking member of...

Steve Davis, Review, Jan. 29, 1993

Lorenzo's Oil

This is hardly the kind of film one might expect from Australian director/M.D.-trained George Miller (the Mad Max trilogy, Witches of Eastwick), but all previous...

Marc Savlov, Review, Jan. 29, 1993


This film is a fondly humorous look back at the last gasp of America's innocence, being a kid, and, in particular, monster movies.

Marc Savlov, Review, Jan. 29, 1993

Brother's Keeper

This documentary is about the unlikeliest of subjects: an alleged mercy killing between a pair of barely socialized, virtually illiterate, unkempt, unhygienic, slow-witted, never-married bachelors.

Marjorie Baumgarten, Review, Jan. 29, 1993


Arye Gross is better than this. His turn as the young Jewish G.I. in last year's little-seen A Midnight Clear established him as a talented...

Marc Savlov, Review, Jan. 29, 1993

Aspen Extreme

You've seen this fairy tale a hundred times before. Yearning to fulfill his dreams and follow his passion for skiing, little boy bluecollar (Gross) sets...

Hollis Chacona, Review, Jan. 29, 1993

Knight Moves

Chess is the operative metaphor in this new psychological thriller, though the movie could have stood a few pointers in strategy and good gamesmanship. The...

Marjorie Baumgarten, Review, Jan. 29, 1993

Used People

As its precious title suggests, Used People is one of those movies that calculatedly wears its old-fashionedness on its sleeve. Aspiring to be a Jewish...

Steve Davis, Review, Jan. 22, 1993

Body of Evidence

You know how sometimes something can be so bad that it's almost good? Well, that's more or less the case here, with stress on the...

Marjorie Baumgarten, Review, Jan. 22, 1993

Police Story Iii: Supercop

Forget Steven Seagal, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Chuck Norris (especially Chuck Norris). Hong Kong's Jackie Chan is now and forevermore the indisputable king of the...

Marc Savlov, Review, Jan. 22, 1993

Nowhere to Run

A surprisingly serviceable take on the western Shane, this one has escaped con Van Damme hooking up with innocent mother of two (Arquette) just as...

Louis Black, Review, Jan. 22, 1993


I can remember reading the novel Alive when I was much younger and having, not nightmares per se, but more like uneasy dreams for some...

Marc Savlov, Review, Jan. 15, 1993

Johnny Stecchino

Benigni performs dual roles in this comedy of mistaken identities.

Pamela Bruce, Review, Jan. 15, 1993


A greed-addled leprechaun goes on a killing spree in search of his pot o' gold.

Marc Savlov, Review, Jan. 15, 1993

Damned in the USA

Finally able to be seen stateside, Damned in the USA is a British documentary that examines censorship in the United States, most notably the struggles...

Marc Savlov, Review, Jan. 15, 1993


Robert Downey Jr. received an Oscar nomination for Best Actor with this portrayal of the film-comedy pioneer in a biopic that focuses on the tragedy that haunted Chaplin's life and his battles with the U.S. government.

Louis Black, Review, Jan. 15, 1993

Scent of a Woman

This terribly titled, overly long movie about an irascible, blind man (Pacino) and his green, prep school companion (O'Donnell, previously seen in School Ties and...

Marjorie Baumgarten, Review, Jan. 8, 1993


Coming from the director who gave us 48 HRS., The Warriors, and The Long Riders, as well as the combined producing talents behind the Back...

Marc Savlov, Review, Jan. 8, 1993

The Lover

Annaud (The Bear) and screenwriter Gerard Brach (The Tenant, Tess) successfully craft Marguerite Duras' coming-of-age memoir L'Amant into a hypnotic, sensuous film teeming with undercurrents...

Pamela Bruce, Review, Jan. 8, 1993

Pepi, Luci, Bom

In case you've ever wondered from whence came the provocative and outrageous Pedro Almodóvar (Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, Tie Me Up!...

Marjorie Baumgarten, Review, Jan. 8, 1993

Fathers and Sons

This is an interesting little independent film that's liable to get lost in the post-Christmas dump pile and it deserves far better than that. Though...

Marjorie Baumgarten, Review, Jan. 8, 1993

Peter's Friends

This is not the type of film I had expected the multi-talented Branagh to make next; after the success of Henry V and the scissor-heavy...

Marc Savlov, Review, Dec. 25, 1992


Upon leaving Hoffa, you'll find the legendary Teamster boss just as much of an enigma as you did going in... unfortunately, maybe even more so....

Marjorie Baumgarten, Review, Dec. 25, 1992


This film is the second installment in Australian writer-director John Duigan's (Romero) coming-of-age trilogy, continuing with the nonconformist, adolescent perspective of the protagonist from the...

Pamela Bruce, Review, Dec. 18, 1992

The Crying Game

The Crying Game is one of the best movies I've seen this year and, consequently, the less said about it here the better. The beauty...

Marjorie Baumgarten, Review, Dec. 18, 1992

Leap of Faith

It's easy to forget, sometimes, that Steve Martin can be more than just another rubber-faced comic, mining the yuks where he finds them and wandering...

Marc Savlov, Review, Dec. 18, 1992


This classic of the New Queer Cinema is intrigues with its dreamy romanticism and eroticization of the infamous child murder committed by Leopold and Loeb in 1923.

Steve Davis, Review, Dec. 18, 1992

The Ox

At once a gorgeous, near-perfect film as well as a resolutely depressing story, The Ox is beautiful to look at, even as you keep pinching...

Marc Savlov, Review, Dec. 18, 1992

Forever Young

Ah, the sweet, sentimental, sacrificial nature of lost love slipping beyond the veil of the unknown -- through the death or disappearance. How well this...

Pamela Bruce, Review, Dec. 18, 1992


It's been a while since a movie's come to us veiled in such a shroud of secrecy. Very little was known in advance about Toys...

Marjorie Baumgarten, Review, Dec. 18, 1992

The Distinguished Gentleman

There's something fundamentally unholy about a film whose press release calls Eddie Murphy the Jimmy Stewart of the Nineties. Granted, The Distinguished Gentleman plays as...

Marc Savlov, Review, Dec. 11, 1992


Winner of the 1992 Sundance Film Festival's Filmmaker's Award, Anthony Drazan's directorial debut is a scorching little story that examines the inherent hazards of an...

Marc Savlov, Review, Dec. 11, 1992

Laws of Gravity

If you introduce a gun in the first act, it's certain to go off by the third. That's one of the classic rules of playwriting/scriptwriting;...

Marjorie Baumgarten, Review, Dec. 11, 1992

The Efficiency Expert

During the 1960s in Australia, there were periods of labor unrest due to changes made by various industries to modernize and/or increase profits at the...

Pamela Bruce, Review, Dec. 4, 1992

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