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Muppets Treasure Island

Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of pop! Taking great liberties with Robert Louis Stevenson's classic novel about pirates and buried riches, Muppet Treasure Island...

Steve Davis, Review, Feb. 16, 1995

Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead

It's somehow fitting that a movie with this unwieldy a title should also feature a cast of actors that virtually runs off the edge of...

Marjorie Baumgarten, Review, Feb. 16, 1995

Vanya On 42nd Street

So many elements of excellence go into the making of Vanya on 42nd Street that it's amazing they all converge so seamlessly into the whole...

Marjorie Baumgarten, Review, Feb. 10, 1995

The Quick and the Dead

There is, regrettably, precious little that is quick about Sam Raimi's newest film. It drags on interminably, laying out ritualized gunfight after ritualized gunfight, while...

Marc Savlov, Review, Feb. 10, 1995

Francois Truffaut: Stolen Portraits

An engrossing 93-minute documentary on filmmaker Francois Truffaut, one of France's most popular contributions to the world of film thus far, Toubiana (quasi-editor of Les...

Marc Savlov, Review, Feb. 10, 1995

The Beans of Egypt, Maine

Egypt, Maine is the other Maine, the part of the state that doesn't have Kennebunkport spreads and fresh-scrubbed, healthy complexions. Egypt is a depressed farming...

Alison Macor, Review, Feb. 10, 1995

The Jerky Boys

The dumbing down of America has picked up steam recently, if our movies are any indication. First it was those dang Gumpisms, then we got...

Marjorie Baumgarten, Review, Feb. 10, 1995

Boys On the Side

To call Boys on the Side a “women's film” is a bit simplistic, but there's no doubt that it genuinely speaks to the powerful bond...

Steve Davis, Review, Feb. 3, 1995

The Madness of King George

In this country, he's a villain, the monarch whose abuse inspired a revolution, the ruler from whom we fled to found a democracy. But in...

Robert Faires, Review, Feb. 3, 1995

I, the Worst of All

Based on the book The Traps of Faith by Octavio Paz, this Argentinean film takes place in 17th century “New Spain” (Mexico) and Juana Ines de la Cruz enters a nunnery to pursue her intellectual aims.

Marjorie Baumgarten, Review, Feb. 3, 1995

In the Mouth of Madness

Clearly having a ball, Carpenter fills the screen with equal amounts of unsettling atmosphere and shameless jolts, while at the same time successfully walking the tightrope that separates the horrific from the hilarious. ? Joey O'Bryan

Joey O'Bryan, Review, Feb. 3, 1995

Death and the Maiden

Adapted from the stage play by Ariel Dorfman, this spare, hideously intense film is Polanski's version of a cinematic roller coaster: up, down, sideways, it...

Marc Savlov, Review, Feb. 3, 1995

Highlander III: The Final Dimension

Lambert returns in this third and supposedly final installment in the Highlander trilogy. This time out, the Immortal Connor MacLeod (Lambert) runs afoul of the...

Marc Savlov, Review, Feb. 3, 1995

Before Sunrise

Richard Linklater takes one of the oldest romantic formulas in the book – strangers on a train – and creates a soulful melding of hearts, minds, and camera.

Marjorie Baumgarten, Review, Jan. 27, 1995

The Bride With White Hair II

Finally, a Hong Kong sequel that lives up to its precursor's premise (sort of). The titular bride of the first film, Lian (Lin) has gone...

Marc Savlov, Review, Jan. 27, 1995

Queen Margot

This visaully sumptuous story about regal intrigues and passions during the religious wars of the 16th century is based on the novel by Alexandre Dumas.

Alison Macor, Review, Jan. 27, 1995

From Beijing With Love

The James Bond 007 superspy genre is gleefully ripped to shreds in this typically jaw-dropping action/comedy from Hong Kong's number one goofball, Stephen Chaiu, who...

Joey O'Bryan, Review, Jan. 27, 1995

Higher Learning

Higher Learning is a disappointment. What might have been director Singleton's (Boyz N the Hood, Poetic Justice) most ambitious and potentially intriguing work, wound up...

Joey O'Bryan, Review, Jan. 20, 1995

Murder in the First

Unsalvageable and inadvertently silly, Murder in the First purports to be “inspired by a true story,” which is apparently industry slang these days for “the...

Marc Savlov, Review, Jan. 20, 1995

Nobody's Fool

Nothing much seems to happen in Nobody's Fool, but appearances are deceiving: this subtly engaging film about a man finding redemption relatively late in the...

Steve Davis, Review, Jan. 20, 1995

Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle

We all think we know her: Dorothy Parker, an American icon, urbane wit, high priestess of the bon mot, modern template for the self-destructive female...

Marjorie Baumgarten, Review, Jan. 20, 1995


In one second, the time it takes to look away from the road to tune a car radio, drop a book to the street, or...

Jeff Mccord, Review, Jan. 20, 1995


Never have I heard the word “fuck” used so frequently and with so little panache as in Jefery Levy's (Inside Monkey Zetterland, Drive) angst-filled social...

Alison Macor, Review, Jan. 20, 1995

Tales From the Crypt Presents Demon Knight

Good performances and lots of blood and gore can't save this illogical TV-to-screen story from itself.

Joey O'Bryan, Review, Jan. 20, 1995

The Three Swordsmen

Held up for almost a year in Hong Kong, due mainly to the current unpopularity of period chopsocky fantasies, this decent, if wholly unremarkable, action...

Joey O'Bryan, Review, Jan. 13, 1995


Ty Cobb was the greatest baseball player ever. Let's get that over with. Ron Shelton's film tries mighty hard to be the final word on...

Marc Savlov, Review, Jan. 13, 1995

Far From Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog

The film opens with three young boys dressed as Indians chasing a rabbit. The older boy corners it in slingshot range, but can't bring himself...

Louis Black, Review, Jan. 13, 1995

Legends of the Fall

No question about it: Brad Pitt is gorgeous. Legends of the Fall exhibits that in spades. But, somehow, it doesn't seem appropriate that Pitt's beauty...

Marjorie Baumgarten, Review, Jan. 13, 1995


Early in the romantic comedy I.Q., Albert Einstein (Matthau) debates with his colleagues the existence of time, stating firmly that time does not really exist....

Alison Macor, Review, Jan. 6, 1995

Mixed Nuts

With the fervor of a true optimist, I always open a can of mixed nuts hoping for the best -- plenty of succulent cashews, salty...

Hollis Chacona, Review, Jan. 6, 1995

Street Fighter

Bizarre, surreal, and ultimately less engaging than playing Pong with a blind man, Street Fighter is the second in an ongoing cavalcade of action/adventure films...

Marc Savlov, Review, Jan. 6, 1995


Hunh? I'm sure this was not the reaction Jodie Foster was seeking with this initial release from her new production company Egg Pictures. Foster stars...

Marjorie Baumgarten, Review, Jan. 6, 1995

Safe Passage

Though the title might lead one to expect some kind of disaster story or tense thriller, Safe Passage is actually a family drama about the...

Marjorie Baumgarten, Review, Jan. 6, 1995

Rapa Nui

This story is set on Easter Island in 1682 and tells about a contest in which two native lads compete in the grueling Birdman ritual...

Marjorie Baumgarten, Review, Jan. 6, 1995


With both Jim Carrey and Tim Allen having successfully made the transition from the boob tube to the silver screen, along comes the latest bid...

Joey O'Bryan, Review, Jan. 6, 1995

Immortal Beloved

A backward glance at Beethoven's life as his surivors try to piece together the mystery of who was the musician's self-referenced "immortal beloved."

Marc Savlov, Review, Jan. 6, 1995

A Troll in Central Park

Most of the folks I know who troll Central Park are not doing the kinds of things that can be depicted in an animated kiddie...

Marjorie Baumgarten, Review, Dec. 30, 1994

Rudyard Kipling's the Jungle Book

Fortunately for holiday moviegoers, Disney goes way beyond the bare necessities this season and gives us a lushly photographed, wonderfully acted, and beautifully produced piece...

Hollis Chacona, Review, Dec. 23, 1994

Dumb and Dumber

Finally -- the exception that proves the rule: there is such a thing as truth in advertising. Dumb and Dumber is… well, dumb and dumber....

Marjorie Baumgarten, Review, Dec. 23, 1994

Little Women

Louisa May Alcott's March sisters remain resonant in a new season.

Alison Macor, Review, Dec. 23, 1994

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