Million-Dollar Ideas

A few VR applications we overheard or came up with ourselves

Fri., Aug. 8, 2014

3-D Print Preview
Don't waste your 3-D printer's time. Walk around your creation and get a sense of its actual size before committing real-world resources to making it a reality.

Get that old-timey drive-in vibe, and, with enough coding, maybe add a date to the experience. Any tactile feedback to your physical advances will have to be supplied by the user.

Handless E-Reader
Turn pages by tilting your head to the left or right. Perfect for disabled or injured individuals. Or forgo the book altogether and have a virtual Morgan Freeman or Judi Dench read you to sleep.

What happens in virtual reality stays in virtual reality.

Actual Virtual Tours
Walk around a house before you buy it. Look over your office building's atrium before constructing it. Architects can give clients "walking" tours of spaces they've only imagined.

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