Infinite Fest

Paramount Summer Classics by the numbers

By Monica Riese, Fri., May 17, 2013

Infinite Fest

The Paramount Summer Classic Film Series is No. 1 in summer fun. For the 38th year running, Austinites will bask in the glory of nearly three and a half months of events – more than 125 movies in two classic theatres Downtown. To say you can count on it for a good time is an understatement – and the root of this year's featured films.

Our old algebra teachers always told us math was all around, but in this lineup, it's actually pretty hard to deny. With any film, there's plenty to keep track of, numbers-wise: year of release, runtime, showtime, etc. But when you start digging a little deeper, you get to the really good stuff: The opening night films alone (old standards Casablanca and Annie Hall) took home seven Academy Awards between them and were nominated for another six. And of the 2013 lineup (which includes features from 1932 to 2006), 90 titles are screening in 35mm. For nine of this year's features, we dove into some of the stats behind our favorite films to try to sum up what we love so much about them.

But that barely scratches the surface. Check out the full lineup in this week's insert for the other 100-plus films in the program, and start planning your summer. We guarantee one hell of a good time.

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