Play Along With Busy Actor Bingo

Mark a tile once you've seen the actor in at least two films

By Monica Riese, Fri., March 8, 2013

Play Along With Busy Actor Bingo
Bingo Card by Shelley Hiam/Bryan Connolly by Sandy Carson/Paul Soileau by Jana Birchum

As we noted in the intro to this preview issue, this year's Festival is chock-full of busy people. Dozens of actors are double-dipping in multiple features and shorts, with some tackling as many as seven projects simultaneously. (Yes, seriously. For that particular busy bee, Jonny Mars, you'll find three separate squares to stamp.) Here's the complete list of where you can see whom when.

And note that the operative word there is "see"; we could've built another full card with writers and directors who are in multiple credits, but we had to draw the line somewhere. Give us a break! And while you're at it, give one to some of these folks too; apparently they've forgotten the meaning of "vacation."

(Hint: Click to embiggen, and then print a card out for your tote bag.)

Justin Arnold (The Bounceback, Pit Stop)

AJ Bowen (You're Next; Grow Up, Tony Phillips)

Bryan Connolly (Rewind This, Zero Charisma, "Hell No")

Chris Doubek (Good Night, White Reindeer, A Teacher, Computer Chess)

Sam Eidson (Zero Charisma; Grow Up, Tony Phillips; "Hell No")

Katie Folger (Grow Up, Tony Phillips; Zero Charisma; "Hell No")

James Franco (Spring Breakers, Maladies)

Heather Kafka (Pit Stop, The Bounceback, Loves Her Gun, When Angels Sing, "Black Metal")

Kris Kristofferson (When Angels Sing, Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction)

Play Along With Busy Actor Bingo

Brie Larson (The Spectacular Now, Don Jon's Addiction, Short Term 12)

Ken Marino (Milo, Burning Love)

Jonny Mars (A Teacher, Good Night, Pit Stop, Computer Chess, "Black Metal," "Follow," "Hell No")

John Merriman (Pit Stop, Loves Her Gun)

Jason Newman (Good Night, "Hell No")

Sara Paxton (The Bounceback, Cheap Thrills)

Tishuan Scott (The Retrieval, Computer Chess)

Amy Seimetz (Pit Stop, Upstream Color, "When We Lived in Miami")

Paul Soileau (The Bounceback, Christeene's "Big Shot")

Ashley Rae Spillers (Loves Her Gun, The Bounceback, Zero Charisma, Pit Stop, "Hell No")

Joe Swanberg (White Reindeer, You're Next)

Jessie Tilton (The Bounceback, "Follow," "Hell No")

Olivia Wilde (The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, Drinking Buddies)

Cyndi Williams (Computer Chess, Zero Charisma)

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