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By Ashley Moreno, Fri., March 19, 2010


Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

Narrative Feature, Midnighters
D: Eli Craig; with Tyler Labine, Alan Tudyk, Katrina Bowden, Jesse Moss

In the horror-comedy Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, a group of college students travels for spring break to the Appalachians. After forgetting beer, they stop at a local gas station. There, they first run into locals Tucker (Tudyk) and Dale (Labine), who are picking up supplies for their trip to their new "vacation home" – actually a dilapidated cabin near the kids' camp and the previous site of a massacre. Once all parties arrive at their respective locations, a series of unfortunate events leads to an ever-escalating situation that exposes the film's true villains and heroes. With its new take on stereotypes in horror staples such as The Hills Have Eyes, the film explores how prejudice and misunderstanding lead to violence. Director Craig said he envisioned an audience of "semidrunk Texans." As his film brims with beer, midriffs, and stage blood, he definitely knew what he was doing.

Friday, March 19, 11:59pm, Ritz 1

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