Mural Should Be Off Limits

RECEIVED Fri., Sept. 6, 2013

Dear Editor,
    Driving north on Lamar this morning, I noticed something that stunned me, and then it made me furious. The mural on the pillar of the bridge just south of Fifth Street had been painted over. Am I the only one who thinks that some things are off-limits? With the growing street art culture here in Austin, of which I am a fan, where are the boundaries? That mural was from a family who lost one of their own, to keep their son in memory for many. I have seen this piece get tagged over, art glued on it twice now, and finally painted over with gray paint, presumably by the city. Since I moved here (more than 15 years ago), every time I passed that mural, it made me think. They really miss their son, as I would if I lost mine. It makes me sick that someone has defaced it enough that the city would paint over it. C'mon, Austin, have some respect.
Aaron Blair
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