Media, Pa., Break-In Shocking

RECEIVED Tue., June 18, 2013

Dear Editor:
    While much of the information about the FBI’s COINTELPRO program recounted in “The Facts Were Immaterial” [News, June 7] were somewhat or very familiar to me, I was shocked that the event which brought the program down – the March 8, 1971, break-in of the FBI field office in Media, Pa., by the Citizens’ Commission to Investigate the FBI – was wholly unfamiliar. Not only do I consider myself well-read in American history, I was born in Media in the late Sixties, grew up and lived the first 21 years of my life approximately two miles from the Media Courthouse, and even had a longtime school friend whose father, an FBI agent, undoubtedly spent a fair amount of time in the local Bureau office – and I had never heard of this story! Thank you for the history lesson and for shedding light on this dark era. It’s amazing to think that little old Media – “Everybody’s Hometown,” as the borough’s quaint nickname goes – may have had its own “Deep Throat” (or “Deep Throats”) living amongst the rest of us.
Chris Morrison
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