'Infowars' Is Extremist Literature

RECEIVED Wed., Feb. 13, 2013

Dear Editor,
    I've noticed that stacks of free copies of Alex Jones' fearmongering rag Infowars have popped up everywhere around town from Dragon's Lair to Pluckers. Annoying, but not surprising, as Austin is his home turf. What is surprising is how many storefronts are so readily willing to distribute extremist literature on their premises. Let's face it: That's all Infowars is, and it sure isn't helping bridge the bitter political divide we all have to deal with. I encourage anyone of a similar mind (or just a working one) to offer polite feedback to establishments handing out this divisive crap. Of course, free speech goes both ways, and if Infowars is your bag, well, let them know and grab your free copies before Obama overturns the First Amendment.
Jay Davis
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