What's the worst sidewalk in Austin?

Fri., Aug. 8, 2014


We asked, and you sent. Thanks to all the people who have sent us pictures for our sidewalk fail gallery, including Josh Margolis, who knows a lot about Austin's walkability. He's a professional pet walker/sitter, and he sent us this photo of Waller Street in East Austin. At the south end, the sidewalk is barricaded by poles for power lines. Go north, he wrote, and "the sidewalk doesn't have poles, but is even smaller and then plants and trees get in the way." We think he's generous for even calling that a sidewalk.

Got your own neighborhood nightmare? Send your photos to sidewalkfail@austinchronicle.com, or tag Austin Chronicle on Facebook, or use the hashtag #sidewalkfail on Twitter. The best/worst – along with an interactive map – are posted at austinchronicle.com/sidewalk-fail.

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