Sidewalk Fails: Readers' Submissions

What's the worst sidewalk in Austin?

Fri., July 18, 2014

Sidewalk Fails: Readers' Submissions
Photo courtesy of Lyndon Henry

What's the worst sidewalk in Austin? We're looking for the most dangerous, badly designed, poorly maintained, or just plain baffling walking routes in Austin, and we need your help (see last week's cover story, "Where the Sidewalks End"). For example, local transportation advocate Lyndon Henry sent this example of the situation on Matthews Lane, running between Manchaca and South First, just south of William Cannon. Send your own photos to sidewalkfail@austinchronicle.com, or tag Austin Chronicle on Facebook, or use the hashtag #sidewalkfail on Twitter. The best-worst are posted at austinchronicle.com/photos/sidewalk-disasters.

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