Central Health Prop. 1: Opponents' Arguments

Fri., Nov. 2, 2012

1) St. David's HealthCare

Argument: St. David's says the med school proposal misdirects funding that should be aimed directly at indigent care.

Response: Central Health says this is the best way to expand indigent care, and St. David's just objects to the financial terms for participation.

2) Travis County Taxpayers Union

Argument: Local property taxes are already too high, and the money could be better spent elsewhere.

Response: The med school/teaching hospital represents a unique opportunity – especially with the approval of Medicaid matching funds – to transform and expand local health care.

3) Steve Hall of StandDown Texas, Rabbi Kerry Baker, et al.

Argument: Seton HealthCare Family is a Catholic institution that does not provide birth control or abortion services.

Response: Central Health remains committed to birth control and reproductive services.

4) Environmentalist Mary Arnold of Save Muny

Argument: Unless UT agrees to preserve Lions Municipal Golf Course from commercial development, voters should reject the tax.

Response: The medical school project should not be held hostage to an unrelated issue.

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