Biodiesel Comes to Central Austin

By Daniel Mottola, Fri., July 6, 2007

Biodiesel is now available in Central Austin at Juniors Beer and Wine, 705 W. 29th, just west of Guadalupe. Here, John Zamora Jr. fills up one of Juniors' King-Daddy Ice delivery trucks. Local retailer Austin Biofuels kicked off sales of B99 (99% biodiesel and 1% petroleum diesel) there last week. ABF's biodiesel is made in Texas from virgin, vegetable-based feedstocks like soybean and cottonseed oil and will run in most diesel engines. It's regarded as "CO2 neutral," as the carbon dioxide it emits was taken from the atmosphere by the plants used to produce it no more than a year ago, as opposed to petroleum, which releases CO2 absorbed by plants millions of years ago. It also produces significant reductions in the emissions of virtually all regulated pollutants. For more biodiesel info and a list of all Austin Biofuels retail locations, see www.austinbiofuels.com.
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