Section 8 Wait List Opening Soon

Housing Authority of Austin's wait list open July 11-13, 2006[*NOTE]

Fri., June 30, 2006

Get those comfortable, standing-in-line shoes out. The Housing Authority of the City of Austin's waiting list for Section 8 housing will be open Tuesday through Thursday, July 11-13. Sign up at the Millennium Youth Entertainment Center, 1156 Hargrave, from 8:30am-4:30pm. According to the housing authority, "All prospective applicants must bring current Texas driver's license or identification card, Social Security cards, and dates of birth for every family member of their household that will be on their Section 8 application." The disabled and those 62 and older can apply by phone at 767-7630, but, according to the housing authority, "must provide proof of age or disability to HACA within 30 calendar days of the application." Note to documentless hurricane evacuees: Two good resources for obtaining personal identification are www.vitalchek.com and www.census.gov/genealogy/www/bc-600.pdf; for census record search help, call 812/218-3046. For info on local Section 8 housing, see www.hacanet.org or call 767-7630.

Annual household incomes must be under the below limits to qualify for Section 8:

(Family Size / Annual Income)

1 / $24,900

2 / $28,450

3 / $32,000

4 / $35,550

5 / $38,400

6 / $41,250

7 / $44,100

8 / $46,950

9 / $49,794

10 / $52,638

Source: Housing Authority of the City of Austin

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