Chaotic Platters

By Nina Hernandez, Fri., May 23, 2014

Chaotic Platters

Kelley Stoltz

Double Exposure (Third Man)

Kelley Stoltz, Michigander with a heart full of British singsong, delivers pure pop nostalgia on Double Exposure. Cool keys peek out through the distortion on the LP's longest track, the nine-minute "Inside My Head," a dark trench dividing the disc in two. "Marcy" and "Kim Chee Taco Man" recall Stoltz's roots as a Beatles-obsessed strummer on 2003's Antique Glow, but with an added, chest-thumping rhythm and blanket of dreamy distortion. When audible, the San Francisco transplant's vocals are as crisp as ever, though they're lost in opener "Storms," which fits these tumultuous themes. And dig his latest bass-groove-heavy single "Cross Your Mind," co-written by Bay area psych rocker Tim Cohen. (Sun., June 1, Hotel Vegas)


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