Reviewed by Luke Winkie, Fri., May 2, 2014

Psych Fest Record Reviews


With Light and With Love (Woodsist)

You build a reputation when you put out a new album every year, so Woods created a stir when 2013 came and went without a new release. The Brooklyn art-folk quartet and psych veterans may have been bored or burnt out or simply working on other things, but all that washes away on seventh LP With Light and With Love. A few moments of woozy, crystal-strewn guitar, and we're right back where we left them. Jaunt through the merry forest with "Shepherd," or gather at the watering hole and bask in the eternal sunlight of "Moving to the Left." Best friends are dependable. We like it when they tell the same stories over and over again. (Fri., 10pm, Elevation Amphitheatre)


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