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Zilker Tent stage

Blind Boys of Alabama
Blind Boys of Alabama

If you have a gap in your must-see schedule this weekend, take a stroll to the gospel tent. With shade, seating, and relatively small crowds early in the day, it rarely disappoints. This year's stable of praise singers arrive headlined by the mighty Blind Boys of Alabama, who've been spreading the good word since Franklin Roosevelt was in the White House. The Blind Boys helped provide the soundtrack for the civil rights movement with deep and haunting harmonies. Only two founding members remain – Jimmy Carter and Clarence Fountain, who tours with the group, health permitting – but they exude more amazing grace with each passing year. The legendary group also plays a gospel brunch Saturday at Stubb's.Singing to the heavens on Friday is the clarion call of the massive Hensley Ensemble. Austin's Warrior Gospel Band kicks off day two with righteous funk and fury followed by the all-female family affair of Houston's Disciples of Christ and Endurance, another Bay City group rooted in the rich musical tradition of Kashmere High School. Austin shines on the Lord's day with traditional tunes from local family the Durdens and the rootsy gospel-blues of the Stapletones, led by powerhouse vocalist Ange Kogutz. Nashville's McCrary Sisters promise to go All the Way with their blend of traditional gospel and upbeat R&B.

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