ACL Music Fest 2013 Sunday Reviews

By Austin Powell, Fri., Oct. 4, 2013

ACL Music Fest 2013 Sunday Reviews


White Lighter (Roll Call Records)

Imagine if Conor Oberst was raised in Arcade Fire's Suburbs and backed by Polyphonic Spree's Fragile Army. That's a starting point for Portland, Ore.'s Typhoon, a sprawling 12-piece indie-rock ensemble led by songwriter Kyle Morton. To grasp the scope of the band's third LP, however, late HBO drama Six Feet Under actually makes a better reference point. White Lighter is about living life in the constant awareness of death, that desperate struggle to hold on to fleeting moments and make sense of it all. Morton suffered organ failure at a young age, receiving a kidney from his father, and here unfolds his most autobiographical work, which chronicles his struggles through visceral, detailed narratives about living past one's potential expiration date. It's a "backwards take on the Book of Job," he offers in "Prosthetic Love." "His life was a wager and mine's a joke." Morton finds strength in numbers, his chaotic symphony adding weight to his emotive delivery, and together, they're heavy. (12:45pm, Honda stage)


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