Peter Stopschinski

Now Would Be a Good Time (Need)

Reviewed by Greg Beets, Fri., Aug. 9, 2013

Texas Platters

Peter Stopschinski

Now Would Be a Good Time

Searching for stock music for your latest film, video game, or theme-park ride? Look no further than this 12-track library of instrumental nerve ticklers from the co-founder of the Golden Hornet Project. Armed with the goal of reconciling pop and rock with latter-day classical composition, Brown Whörnet keyboardist Peter Stopschinski challenges the listener with jarring bombast and quick right turns while keeping the overall mood playful and irreverent. Along those lines, each composition comes parenthetically designated with a long-form description such as "Creepy Sneaky Techno Orchestra with Drum Machine." Opening salvo "The Red Bishop" pits baritone saxophonist John Mills against cellist Valerie Klatt-Fischer, with the only thing missing being raw snippets of David Mamet dialogue. "Mr. Jefferson" conjures up the sensation of being eaten alive before a studio audience, and the gradual build of "1979 AFC Championship Game" combines the epic veneer of an NFL Films score with the disorientation of having your block knocked off. For maximum sensory impact, Stopschinski lassos everything from early Pink Floyd to Polish composer Krzysztof Penderecki. The result is a wild ride between background anxiety and full-bore cataclysm.




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