Twisting by the Pool

Rock & roll summer reading

Reviewed by Raoul Hernandez, Fri., June 21, 2013

Twisting by the Pool

Thanks to this thick first-half of our twice-annual rock & roll book roundup, I've got another title under my belt. In January, I rifled through 500 pages of Pete Townshend's autobiography on the Texas Riviera and, just prior to South by Southwest, swallowed whole a work of fiction by Lone Star hero Michael Nesmith. And mind you, I stopped reading books on my very last day of formal education. Yet now, after another spring in the trenches of local music festivals, a different coast beckons, and the only thing to do there, besides not work, is read. Five hundred pages of Jimmy Buffett anyone? John Lydon's autobiography slots in for trips to Montreal and New Jersey next month. Springsteen on Springsteen herein has me jacked for the Garden State!

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