the Dunwells

Blind Sighted Faith (Playing in Traffic)

Reviewed by Doug Freeman, Fri., Oct. 12, 2012

ACL Music Fest Sunday Reviews

The Dunwells

Blind Sighted Faith (Playing in Traffic)

Debuting on Austin indie Playing in Traffic, UK rockers the Dunwells shoot a big, polished sound tuned towards the indie folk revival. An uplifting swell in attitude and arrangements pulses across the Leeds quintet's full-length bow, yet lines like, "I could be a superhero staring down the barrel of a gun/ I could be a piece of artwork fading into the sun" that emerge on opener "I Could Be King" push the limits of trite. At times, the band strikes radio-ready pop that suggests a less angst-addled Rob Thomas, as on the title track and clipped delivery of "So Beautiful." The harmonies between brothers Joseph and David Dunwell are effective when wrought within choruses, and "Follow the Road" stomps sparser rhythm to the soulful turn of "Borrow Me." Yet much of the Dunwells' punch and progression is predictable on songs like "Elizabeth," "Hand That Feeds," and the building, six-minute closer, "Oh Lord." (4:15pm, BMI stage)


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