Cautiously Optimistic

Fifteen Hopefuls Make Up Austin's Musical Class of 2001

By Andy Langer, Fri., Jan. 19, 2001

Cautiously Optimistic
Photo By Todd V. Wolfson

Kacy Crowley

Title: Boys in the Attic

Label: Atlantic

Release Date: May/June

Her Assessment: "It's Cat Stevens meets Earth, Wind & Fire," says Crowley of an album recorded last year in Venice, Calif., with producer Fred Maher (Luna, Matthew Sweet, Nada Surf). "Actually, I don't know that it sounds anything like that, but it's not a serious or introspective singer-songwriter record either."

What's Different?: "My first record [Anchorless, 1997] was very secure, very serious, and sorta precious. That's neither what I'm interested in anymore nor the kind of record I believe Atlantic could do something with. I wanted to try and write songs I felt could make an easier connection with people."

Notable Co-Conspirators: Matthew Sweet on guitar, bass, and background vocals; songs co-written with Wayne Kirkpatrick (Eric Clapton's "Change the World"), Pat MacDonald, and Dominick Miller (Sting); Austin's Billy Harvey and Einar; strings arranged by Beck's dad, David Campbell (Aerosmith, Green Day) for the big ballad and potential second single "You Let It Go."

Expectations: "Nobody's blowing smoke up my ass," chuckles Crowley, noting Atlantic seems especially gassed up about "Drunk," the über-anthemic first single. "With all the hype before the last album, it never crossed my mind I wouldn't sell a million records. But after it tanked, I also made a point of not letting it get the best of me. I dedicated myself to exceeding their expectations."

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