Justine's Brasserie

Fine Dining, French, Late Night | $$

4710 E. Fifth
Austin, 78702
Hours: Wed.-Mon., 6pm-2am
Serves French bistro fare accompanied by killer cocktails in a 1930s cottage. You can play a little pétanque outside while you wait for the steak frites.

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Gilded: An Alchemical New Year's

There goes Justine quoting Yeats and getting all Auric Goldfinger … or Goldmember … or King Midas on us, turning her cottage industry into a gold-beaten Studio 54 … or Bronze Age … or Gilded Age (oh you know how she likes to mix things up) for the turn of the annum. Price includes lobsters, prime rib, and gold-leaf desserts (oh my), plus midnight champers (and you know when it's Justine, odds are it is champagne from Champagne) toast from towers, then free-flowing till you tipple into a taxi. Who but Golden Dawn Arkestra could top this bill? Thu., Dec. 11 - Wed., Dec. 31Wed., Dec. 31, 8pm-2am. $175, $150 pre-sale (this will sell out).

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  • Justine's Brasserie

    The kitchen serves food until 1:30am, attracting a late-night dining crowd that makes for splendid people-watching

    Rachel Feit, 2009-11-12


  • 2014: Readers Best Intimate Dining (Justine's)
  • 2011: Readers Best Place To Take a First Date (TIE: Justine's Brasserie; Blue Dahlia Bistro)
  • 2011: Readers Best Intimate Dining
  • 2010: Readers Best Intimate Dining (TIE: Wink; Justine's)



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